viva (dvlf) wrote,

self tour

Zoo peculiar and que lastima want me to go on the tour but dont have room for me in either vehicle but zoo peculiar offered %10 of merch sales and food and a spot in the hotel if I decided to go and drive my own car it's about $400 in gas and wear and tear on my car..realistically I could use my savings but also realistically I can't really afford it

But that's not a's me missing work to follow bands around selling merch for basically's not really being with either of them

i would get to go to heavy rebel which is always something i wanted to do.

plus the bands are so good that i really just want to help them anyway .. i fully believe they could get significantly huge to their demographic .. they really do need the help though. i can make them a lot of money.. i'm really good at selling stuff and being a tour manager.

it's seriously killing me. no one benefits from me being poor.
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