viva (dvlf) wrote,

casino birthday

So I went to a casino with my friend and I signed up for the free card and got free play..I won $4 so I tried to cash out and the machine jammed..a staff person comes over and can't figure it out..a supervisor comes over and is figuring it out..he goes in the back to check with his supervisor about something and a random dude comes up and asks to play the machine next to it in between me and her ..he then proceeds to try and put his card in my machine while I'm standing in front of it and we tell him not to touch it cause we're waiting for the supervisor ..he pushes my friend out of the way and shoves $100 on the machine..she and him have words and he shoves her again and his finger goes in her eye..I went to grab a security person..the police came and did nothing but take our names and phone numbers ..My first time here as a customer and my birthday turns into assault ..I spent $25 and won nothing. ..I was up $10 for a minute but that didn't last friend comes here all the time so she talked to the host and got us free food

It happens ..that's like my whole life .. 20 terrible things will happen but like 3 good things still happen sometimes ..they gave me more free play and the guy didn't bother us anymore but didn't go to another machine so he was in between us for an hour or so..i lost $25 but The food was good

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