viva (dvlf) wrote,

sexual harassment in the work place

To whom it may concern,

Tuesday, October 25th 2016, I was working at the Hillary Rally at Omni Auditorium at Broward College.

During the load out one of our road leads, Pops, was making jokes. Funny, stupid jokes, nothing overtly sexual in any way. Joel Reisman walks over to her. He says "I have a joke for you, you know math? old are you?. (She's 24) many times does 72 go into 24....twice on a good night" it wasn't funny the way he told it or in any type of good spirits. She immediately responded with "that's inappropriate, you're making me uncomfortable". Her face turned red so he said something to the effect of "ohh but you're blushing, you like it". She walks away. She comes back to the shop area before the loading dock and is alone. She motioned for me to come stand with her so he doesn't say anything else to her. She tells me that he's been making comments at her all day. She didn't mention specifics. Ashley, Shay and one other female come over and stand with us. Pops tells us "It's hard enough for her to be taken seriously as the boss over these men who make comments to her". Lots of people were around to hear his "joke". I don't know most of their names.

I've known Joel for about seven years. In all the time I've known him, he is constantly derogatory towards women. He is always making us feel uncomfortable, either directly or indirectly. He used to say things to me, but It was years ago and I've repeatedly told him to his face to not speak to me ever. He also has no work ethic. He consistently avoids doing work and doesn't pay attention to most specific directions that any crew lead actually gives him.

This behavior is a threat to the safety of our sisters on and off jobs. I know that I can handle myself, but we shouldn't have to endure this on every job site from anyone. Now that all this information has come to light, I hope that we can trust that you'll take the proper steps to rectify this.

Thank you for your time,

Viva Sigal Sahar
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