viva (dvlf) wrote,

Poppa falls again

My grandpa fell out of bed around 5am and busted his head open on the nightstand..huge pool of blood..there's nothing sadder than the sound of my grandpa crying..the paramedics came and we followed them to the hospital and they cleaned him up..nothing super broken but he needs stitches but one of the wounds is too close to his keeps bleeding and it looks like he's crying blood. We got him home from the hospital and I went out and got him a new bed railing because the other one is clearly defective even though I checked it grandma stayed grandpa made "no selfie" jokes and I've been a wreck all day...I had to goto Costco to get a new rug because the other was covered in car decided it didn't want to start..of course. I had a few more panic started working finally. ..I had to clean up all the blood and from his cpap machine ...he fell asleep on the couch ..I made him breakfast when he woke up..his face was still bleeding through his bandages..he feels like shit because he thinks he's a burden..but he isn't and we love him

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