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i've been listening to bad day by fuel for like 3 hours... over and over again.. its a great song.. someone get me the fuel CD.. they're great

daniel called.... apparently cathrine broke up with him.. and thats sad.... we might hang out later.. i dunno.. i have to leave at 3 and he's like goin swimmin or something.. everything is cool now.. he's great... i'm glad he's my friend..

i still need a hug.. i've gotten NO hugs today.. i'm going insane.. i miss chris.. and ryan.. and its not fair that i cant talk to them.. grrr...

Kazaa is so great..they have like everythign... and its NOT like napster at all..u can actually find stuff... i love it.. it just cuts off a lot of stuff.. sometimes...but thats cause my computer sucks!

random news for the past 5 min-- a gay boi asked me to fuck him.. hehe....he's great..i love him...
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