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The chick who smashed my phone gave her lawyer the money for me last week..she's been super cooperative..i tried to get it last week but her lawyer said to come this week.. her lawyer was supposed to leave the affidavit for me to sign and the check at his office today..I spoke to him Monday ..we had everything worked out..he didn't..I drove all the way to west Palm to get jack shit and he didn't even tell his secretary I was coming ...nor answered her text and calls when she tried to contact him.. my latest email

To avoid any further delay or confusion, immediately send me a copy of the proposed affidavit via email. I will print, sign, scan, and send it to you post haste or just sign it electronically and email it back to you if that's significantly easier. Then I want you to mail the check for $300 plus $100 for wasting 100 miles of my gas, parking and time, with a tracking confirmation which you send to me.

Good day,

Sigal Sahar

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I made a mistake. For that, I sincerely apologize. I was in depositions all day yesterday and mediation today. My stuff is together.

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I'm thouroughly disappointed with your lack of follow-through. We spoke just two days ago. You said you would have the affidavit and the check for me. Neither was prepared in your office when I arrived this afternoon. You also said you would email me this morning which you didn't at all. Your secretary had no knowledge that I'd even be by. You were unavailable when she tried to contact you. It takes less than 5 minutes to share information with a co-worker/employee. You wasted significantly more of my time and gas driving from Plantation to West Palm Beach. All of this seriously could have been taken care of already, last week even. The whole situation is unnecessary, ridiculous and shouldn't have even happened to begin with, but clearly nothing in my life is ever going to go smoothly no matter how many times I interact with someone. I sincerely hope you get your shit together and get back to me when I can get some spec of closure.

I emailed him calling him out ..he emails me back his "sincere apology" and let's me know "his stuff is together" takes less than 5 minutes to send a message or have his secretary call me to let me know it wouldn't be ready ...i hope he actually gives me the extra money for wasting my time.. all of it could've been avoided

plus boyfriend graduates law school tomorrow which is rad..but he wants to have a cookout at our pool thing which organizing had been complicated between his family and my family..and he got into Georgetown in DC..which is good for him..except now I'm gonna have to move back up there in the middle of cold ass winter to a place I don't really want to be..leaving my grandparents who still need help down here ..while also helping my mom up there pack her house because they want to move to Florida..all while I have to find a place for us to live while trying to get work because he won't have time because he's studying for the bar exam which he takes in August and then leaves a week or so later..when he has no real plan about where he wants to live .. or his schedule...or how i'm gonna manage moving there and moving back. and if my car will even make it through a winter. .. on the plus side.. in theory less cockroaches.

meanwhile I went from being a tour manager with purpose and I was awesome at it..i sold out of merch twice. I handled every contact the best i could and it went well for the most part.. to being back to here mopping floors, being nobody, waiting to get another break that might actually pay me money instead of working for free or almost breaking even. I just want to help bands and people that need help. I'm so good at it, it hurts. It's so dependent on other people's not anything i could do alone. which makes it so frustrating. everyone thinks my life is so amazing and interesting.. it may look like that from the outside..but even this tour had its serious drama that killed more of my faith in humanity .

purple on the outside and turning black on the inside
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