viva (dvlf) wrote,

Always the overthought

So apparently Natalie asking me to be a bridesmaid when she was drunk but not really that drunk equates to completely forgetting to invite me or deliberately not inviting me  to a party involving the rest of the bridesmaids .. Even though I've been completely free and made that kind of vocal for weeks ..I wonder if they'll even remember to invite me to the wedding .. I mean I didn't follow up about the actual bridesmaids thing  which i guess isn't a big deal but we've texted since then about trying to hang out but no one ever texts me back after I ask when they want me to meet them wherever/whenever...I just love them and always want to spend time with them or be involved or help in some way .. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding or usually is..except I'm the one who always ends up butthurt ...I just care a lot ..and wish I didn't

I'm glad everyone is doing happy things though ..I love seeing people happy

Im just bummed that im always forgotton. And then afterwards they're all like "oh we meant to invite you.."

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