viva (dvlf) wrote,

dfd day 2

the show was good.

but that piece of shit rapist that works at masquerade kind of ruined it every time he walked by. and acted like he was having fun. fuck him. he doesn't deserve to see dog fashion disco or have fun ever. fuck him for existing and fuck him for raping my friend and fuck him for having steady work at a decent venue when there's plenty of qualified people who aren't rapist pieces of shit who could be working there, and fuck everyone at that venue that doesn't care about that and said "well, he didn't rape me" .. maybe you should care about the people you have working for you and the safety of your patrons.

after the show we ended up at clermont lounge which is known for being the most mediocre titty bar ever..which it was.. someone got danielle a lapdance and it was this 70 yr old lady who put in no effort but she was really nice.
my friend brian who was there had a seizure. everyone who worked there said they called EMS but when i called them they said no call had been placed. we had to wait over half hour for anyone to come. security and a few patrons who happened to be nurses helped out in the meantime. some drunk guy who claimed to be a doctor spouted off a bunch of bullshit and then asked us if he wanted us to take him.. like no drunk dude, you cant take our friend somewhere. then apparently he asked another person in our group for blow while waiting on the street for actual ems to show up.

i only got kissed by two people. one was a lady who made out with literally anyone and also got laid the night before. but it was still nice to get attention and the other was a married dude who also made out with that other lady i made out with then lied to me about it like it matters either way. but like why lie to me if we're friends. like everyone in the group knows your situation anyway, so why lie to the people that already know. and i know it's super shitty, but it's still kind of like at least i got kissed by someone who has/had a mild interest in me.
so fucking pathetic.

cat hurt herself, sprained ankle, a cist burst, emotional labor via trauma from friends. but she didn't ask to leave or freak out too much. which was super dope on her part. she stuck with it. she didn't come to the 2nd show which was fine. all those events that happened were barely something I could deal with. i'm proud of her

fuck atlanta as a city though..get your shit together.
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