viva (dvlf) wrote,

tour two weeks in

tour is amazing

i climbed a mountain today and didn't die coming back down. we walked through abandoned train tunnels. we were above the clouds. it was rainy and terrifying. i pissed on top of the mountain while the others were off somewhere else.

i get to see ilyse in two days. <3 <3 <3

i've already made more money in two weeks than i have on any other tour. hopefully i'll be able to save it.

the boys are sweet and kind and accommodating. its surprising how much they apologize for things that aren't their fault. it must be a maryland thing. growing up in some kind of suffrage and heartache. but you can hear that in the songs anyway

i've gotten a bed every night. that never happens. i've barely spent any money, which is amazing.

i miss my boyfriend and getting all the kisses though. he's doing well at his job and has patience with nana. even though he's getting more frustrated which is understandable, but he still explains everything to her with patience and she eventually sees it his way even though she forgets soon after. i hope he still likes me when i get back.

almost sold out of merch. sold over $2000 in a week and a half. we had to order more. we couldn't get more hats in time but more shirts are on the way. killin it. they're talking about a florida tour in january and to st thomas.

i'm definitely going to frozen harbor music festival this year. it might be the last one. i'd turn down hamilton to go. that's how much i want to go. joey said he'd fly me up to sell merch.

utah was beautiful. we stayed at a feed the scene type house overlooking a mountain that had a hot tub. we ate frozen pizzas and took dabs

colorado was beautiful and we got so much free food and free weed. some people didn't come out who said they were going to. but some people did come out. i had the best jambalaya of my life in pueblo.

iowa was surprisingly wild, but not surprisingly filled with old shitty white guys making shitty "joking" comments to me.

pittsburgh was mellow but the opening bands were incredible and i met another tall ginger whos also named ryan who plays in the band. we're best friends now. aka we occasionally message each other pictures of clouds. he's definitely on my vibe.

ohio was rad. tropidelic is amazing forever. i got a free patch that fit right on the front of my vest.

chicago was cold. we stayed with gabe. even though all the guys slept in the van when there was more than enough room inside. my cousins came to say hi. donovan showed up after the show and was super funny and we hugged a bunch. we saw the bean. it was shiny.

really though... I GET TO SEE ILYSE IN TWO DAYS
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