viva (dvlf) wrote,

New Orleans

Cw anti abortionist in new orleans, almost violence

There were some anti abortionists on the street harassing people after the people there asked them to leave. Two guys in my band got in their faces until they left. The antiabortionists made a tarot reader cry. Some of them were 15 years old. Why do they care so much? Are they gonna pay for all the born unwanted children they are causing or trying to "save"? They have nothing better to do with their time in new orleans except harass women on the street until they cry? They claimed one of my dudes assaulted them by taking their phone when we didnt actually touch them. I almost broke their sign and heavily thought about punching them in the fucking face. The cops showed up and we dipped.

This band is unprofessional and they're awful to each other and this tour has been kind of hard for me but they always stand up for what's right and i love them for that 💜

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