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"hey isnt that chick's party today????"

so last night justin came over at like 1am... we watched dude where's my car.. then at like 4am i went to sleep and i woke up like ten minuets ago and he was gone.. weird.. anyway. its all good

my party starts anytime today.. come anytime.. if u have a car.. could someone drive me up to giant or even 7-11..i need some milk.. if i dont have any milk i cant make mashed potatoes and/or mac n cheese and/or eat cereal.. so yeah..come over anytime

i know of 3 people who are coming tonight... anyone else... who's planning to come for tomarrow night?...

the salvation army people are coming to take away bookcases... and a desk.. i dont know what time they're coming so i cant leave my yeah...come over

umm.. yeah.. me i'm home..or just come over

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