viva (dvlf) wrote,


It has been repetitively ruled by courts that police have no responsibility to protect the community, only and specifically to enforce laws

The police are the ones who unjustly target black people, poor people, and especially poor black people nationwide, on a systemic and complete level

The police are the ones who protect each other from consequences of wrongdoing

The police are the ones who approach peaceful protests with militarized shows of force

The police are the ones who plant drugs, guns, and other incriminations on people who are innocent

The police are the ones killing people on whim and reflex and then spinning false trails to justify it

These are not isolated, uncommon, or abnormal anywhere in the country, least of all in cities like Chicago, New York, Detroit, and St. Louis.

I know that police originated in America as a racist task force, to support systemic white supremacy.

I know that the police still serve the same function, serving rich white interests and protecting capital.

I know that they are a system that can be entirely replaced with community policing (a term police organizations have recently co-opted in an effort to seem community friendly).

I know that even good cops support bad ones because of the concept of the thin blue line.

I know that a system is vastly more likely to change you than you are to change it

I know that it's more than a few bad apples.

I know that white supremacists have been purposefully infiltrating police for decades.

I know that the police are an organization and environment that foster and encourage white supremacy, which both led to this infiltration and builds from it.

I know that police are class traitors.

I know that the world would be better off if every police officer quit their job

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