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Merch etiquette by josh henry

A lot of cool merch coming this fall, a lot of new designs and new items also. We have had some of our current designs for over a year and we know you’re ready for some fresh stuff! Super stoked, but I do wanna let you know some of the items are super limited, so if you see something, grab it.

We do our best to make sure we always have stock and fresh designs but it also costs money for artwork and designs and production. So plan accordingly this fall, and keep a little ballyhoo! stash in your desk or somewhere safe so you’re able to get what you want. The better an item sells, more likely we’ll restock it!

I also wanted to help make merch smoother and faster for here’s some tips!

Most if not all the Hooligans are always polite and so supportive when I meet you at merch, this is more for the non fans and people that can’t handle their liquor.

1. Know what you want when you come up to the table. While standing in line, try to figure out what you might want to buy. If you’re unsure when you get there, stand to the side and I will come back to you when you’re ready.

2. When asking for an item, please don’t just point and say “I want that Ballyhoo! shirt”

Pointing honestly doesn’t help me at all because I’m facing you. And when I turn around to look I can’t see your finger pointing in the middle of 5 shirts. Be specific, don’t just say BLUE ballyhoo shirt, we sometimes have a few designs in the same color.

For example, when you come up to the table say “Hi I’d like the Mermaid Tank in a L” or “Hi I’d like letter A in a L” if that’s your normal size. If you would like to see another size after that then we’ll go from there.

***Our sizes are true to size. If you wear a large, it’ll stay a large.

If you ask me for “that ballyhoo shirt” and that’s it I’m just gonna stare at you until you tell me the size and description of the shirt or move on to the next person.

3. ***Don’t ask for discounts. If I’m asked for discounts especially in front of other fans I will move on to the next person. This is how we tour and make money. It’s how the guys pay us and we are able to come to your city. I don’t care how many items you bought or how long you’ve know the guys. There are other people who spent just as much as you and have known them just as long. They choose not to do VIP packages and are very responsive to fans online, so don’t take advantage of their niceness. I also don’t care if the band or other merch guys have given you a discount in the past. The only time discounts will be given is if I specifically get told by the band to hook someone up.

Think of it like this:

When you go to the movies and buy a ticket, do you then go up to the concession and say “I bought a ticket so I deserve a free popcorn”? Or go into Target and buy two deodorants and then ask for a discount because you bought two? No, so please don’t ask me. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

4. Please be careful with my iPad. It’s the second one I’ve bought because drunk people press too hard on it or knock it over. You don’t need to press hard to sign the signature it’s very sensitive. It’s also my personal iPad not band bought. You wouldn’t want me ruining your computer or spilling beer all over it.

5. Do not put your drinks on the merch table. Be a grown up and hold your drink or have a friend hold it or put it on the floor. If you put your drink on my table, I will drink it if I’m thirsty or throw it out.

6. Please don’t ask me anything related to production. I sell merch, I’m not the TM or venue.

7. If you’re not looking to buy anything, please don’t come up and ask me to let you see a million things then tell me you’ll be back because you don’t wanna hold it. Just come back when you’re ready. Especially when there’s a line.

8. Don’t ask me to hold stuff. I can’t be responsible for people’s items during the show. There are people who will reach under or behind the table and grab stuff. I don’t want that to happen to you.

Hope that helps some of you, and will make it easy for everyone so that you don’t miss any of the show!

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