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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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same shit different day [21 Mar 2001|03:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So today was just like any other day, nothing interesting happend....rained all day...my freshmen were hyper, the halls were filled, same shit different day...oh in english i kirked out on this dude cause he was bein a dumbass...but thats all... only two more days (one not counting frieday) until Fedeli's party...then saturday i dont know if i'm going to see the play at seneca, it all depends on if chris goes... senior banquet is april 17th, and prom tickets will be on sale soon...or so they say, like they've said for like 2 months...but whatever...
2 new quotes--from the duct tape chick @Katsucon----
DragonFlyBeBop (7:59:04 PM): so do ya' thing theres a youdunbfuckyoudidntapplytocollegeearlyyoulazylittleass.com??
DragonFlyBeBop (8:07:43 PM):
mom's rule never forget, it's only illegal to posses it and you can grow it but not smoke it rule


so yeah, thats about it... talk to u later

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NEXT SATURDAY [21 Mar 2001|09:56pm]
aside from Fedeli's thing this FRIDAY and heathers thing on SATURDAY....

my bud Miri Newman-Paul..in DC-ish

she's having a party NEXT SATURDAY the 31st.... at 7:00pm to whenever...call me for address..only my usuals are invites, thats what she said... diane, kimmy,ryan, chris, fedeli, andrew, erica, ari c, etc.... and all the little raver kids, eric, oreo, zack..etc...its all good..

call me for address ...
Miri's AIM name is PnkPnthr

pnkPnthr36 (9:50:51 PM): but im having a party on saturday, so bring him and diane and andrew and elfboy and all them
DivaVivaLF (9:51:01 PM): when?
DivaVivaLF (9:53:16 PM): this saturday or next saturday
pnkPnthr36 (9:53:57 PM): next saturday
DivaVivaLF (9:54:06 PM): what time
pnkPnthr36 (9:54:51 PM): heh
pnkPnthr36 (9:54:51 PM): i dunno
pnkPnthr36 (9:54:59 PM): 7:00?
DivaVivaLF (9:55:01 PM): cool
pnkPnthr36 (9:55:34 PM): yessss
DivaVivaLF (9:58:25 PM): the party at ur house?
pnkPnthr36 (9:58:42 PM): yes

so thats Miri's party, i'll probably send an email or somethin.......i dont know

love you all

dont forget ...6:30 friday the 23rd, fedeli's hosue

saturday, jenni's house i think 6-11-ish..i dont know.. heathers party!

its crazy
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