March 24th, 2001



yeah, i'm going to another party tonight, i'm not sure who's going so i guess i'll walk, its only like a mile and a half, right by school... Jenny's house...its heathers bday party.

SO i had a great tiem last night!, even though i didnt get to rape zack, its ok, i got to rape michael! (poofy haired--HOT AND SEXY!! YUMMY!) yeah and we (by we i mean the group of us) watched road trip, its much more explaind on Ryan's livejournal, she's in my friends thing-a-majig....i was thinking of chris most of the night, i missed him!!! i was like damnit i want a hug from chris....NO I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU!! he's all sick and stuff and i'm sad....i'm debating on having a party next friday.... BAGEL SALE TOMARROW AT KEHILAT SHALOM!!! Buy bagels.. 9915 apple ridge road... we will be in front! ....saw aliza herman today at services, she seems a lot happier which is good, she gained a LOT of weight... but thats from all the crap she had to deal with.. she's going to private school now, oakmont...and she got a car (damnit, i want a car!!!..granted i need a license first)...anyway....i'm starting to doubt whether i'll be graduating again, due to night shcool and history, its crazy, i just have to turn stuff in and i'm being a dumbass and i cant stop!! ITS CRAZY!!! i'm going INSANE!!! (yes i said going, not gone)...i stayed at mirabi's last night, julia fell asleep first, i fell asleep for a little bit and mike fell asleep too...i woke up every so often, mirabi was on the phone with nicole, and they were like screaming and bitchin (not at eachother, but in general)...julia and mike are so beautiful when they sleep, every so often when i got up i'd look at them... its just so beautiful.. mirabi had this drink made from all sorts of spices and it was was delicious, i was amazed...hopefully for spring break i'll be able to goto NY after all and just stay with Mirabi and her dad on staton island...and i can still visit Josh and Erica and my USY peoples and my cousin tema!!...but ten to one even if i couldgo my mom would say no and want me to have no life whatsoever...UCH!! but anyway....i'm so tired, i'm probably just gonna fall asleep at jennys house....i dont have a ride home though, maybe i'll catch a ride home from Rob...his mom is awesoem, she wont mind... OH kimmy had on the most beautiful handmade necklace that Tiha made her!! it was SO beautiful, it must have taken like 10 hours!!!!!!..anyway...thats pretty much it for now....bye people
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other stuff

Yes, Jordan DOES have an hour-glass figure, oh baby oh baby!....he's one sexy baptist...hehe and i have a new quote:

"now, they say when life gives you lemons, make lemonades. sound advice, right? Nod your head if you agree. good. well guess what. YOU;RE WRONG! what the hell are we supposed to do with lemons? who in the fuck eats lemons? NO ONE! if life is giving us food, give us some freakin cookies! or some goddamn ice cream! who in the good godamn wants lemonade! and what about the ones who can't make lemoande. like the JDS speds? i used to be one of them. so, is the saying, when life gives you lemons make lemonade, unless you're a sped? WHAT KIND OF LIFE IS THAT? I DON'T TRUST A LIFE THAT'S JUST HANDING OUT LEMONS! HOW CAN YOU! NO MORE LEMONS! I DEMAND COOKIES!"--Ami newman-paul's info


I have such a headache, everyone is SO unbelievably loud... i feel bad for saying this but i honestly rather be hanging out with chris and/or ryan tonight, i love my freshman and my sophamores but i just dont feel like being here... watching anime, or even hanging out with avi cause he's home tongiht but he's beinga whatever.....apparently he and sdarah are doing well which is good.. the wedding is still on...hehe, jk, i dont know.... eating pizza, second night in a row.....anyway...bye

i'm a fuckin baby!

I'm such a fuckin baby, i left heather/jenny's party early, i just couldnt take it anymore, the loudness mostly and the fact someone spilled something INCREDABLY wet on my long sleeve shirt and i have no clue what the liquid was. so i went outside and called my baby Marc (frankel, he always cheers me up and gives me one of the best i was talking to him for a while and then he had to go.... apparently his 'rents have him compleatly i just left and then i started crying histerical......its crazy...anyway...i'm sleepy, bye