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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[ mood | uch ]

so i met erica at the mall... after waiting for the bus for like 20 mins...i got to the mall and Audrey, greg and crystal were there, i saw crystal at Pesach University at KS in the morning when i was working....BAGEL SALE, we sold out i'm pretty sure...anyway so erica and i went to the mall and we walked areound and we saw alberto and mr martinez..that man ALWAYS wears a suit, nothing else... and then me and erica had a moment cause the mall CLOSED our Jerry's pizza...NOW where are we going to go, we cant goto 7-11 anymore and we cant goto Jerry's! UCH we have like no where to go, its SO SAD, SO very sad....then me and erica went to chris's and just chilled there, and i missed sitting shiva at the burchmans next door, so my mom was like you'll go tomarrow, which i dont understand why i have to go..i dont know the lady who died, it was phyliss's mother, i didnt know her, i honestly dont care that much, plus it will probably depress me to see everyone so sad... so i dont think i'm gonna go... i should go out of respect and stuff but i dont know...my parents went because they "felt bad for the burchmans"...i dont, so i dont want to go...so we were at chris' house and it was cool, cybill kept jumping on me and it was annoying... today is Heather's birthday (chris's sister)..the 29th is heather's (pet freshman), 27th is marissa's birthday, the 22 was fedeli's and the 20th was Tiha's and my Baby J's (josh in NC), the 16th was Rob's, the 15th was kimmy's....HAPPY BDAY TO ALL!...so yeah, then i came home......the end

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[ mood | uch ]

me and erica went to Sbarro's and got speghettie with meatballs, and so its true that eerything taste better with balls....

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Jordan's hour glass figure

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