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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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BYE BYE damn sexy birdie...hehe Chris is HOT!!!! [26 Mar 2001|10:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

so...before the whole parents night thing, i was given 5$ to walk to the post office and send out my mom's taxes, and then walk home.....FREEZING COLD cause of the wind... UCH...but i saw ryan at the post office before i went home...so parents night! SOOO FUNNY!!!!!!

i was sitting behing daddy's (brian's) mom and dad and in front of Hannah's mom...hannah's mom and i were laughing the loudest i think...... i was very proud of myself i only made one obscene comment and that was at the end of the show... scottie feldman was SO adorable!!! harvey johnson...so cute... and Sean did really well...rachel mack who played Kim was like losing her voice.... conrad aka Jorel taruc (jerome's brother) first off looked REALLY hot in that dress...when he was first coming dowen the stairs he was like "hey, how YOU doin, my names conrad"--that was funny... his white pants makes him look like he has a constant hardon... its funny...he can move though, oh baby oh baby... blane's the bartender...hehe... Alex Day did really aweosme... she has a beautiful voice... whats with the whole raping under the table thing... weird.. dude...who knew an "O-R-GY" (with a guh sound) involved a giant pencil and paint? i wanted someone to bring out a big ear of corn, that would have been funny..but anyway..so mark can goto prom with me, but he has an exam the next day so he cant stay out TOO late...hehehe, i wont keep him...*evil grin*...but anyway...i'm hungry....bye people

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