March 27th, 2001


what the fuck!

so at night school, i actually am DOING work!!! good for me right and in the last 5 minuetes of class some random two assholes lock the teacher out and everyone gets an unexcused fucked up is that... AND!!!! i found out from Curtis(the security dude who rocks) that ms shelton(bitch) is like for real out to get me... and she keeps going to ms lupdia and ms lupdia keeps telling her to leave me alone!! how cool is that...... its not like i dont anythign wrong, i dont think i've ever done anything wrong toms shelton and she like wants me suspended or something which is really kind of stupid cause i'm a senior and i'll only be here for like 40 more school whatever, but curtis and ms lupdia and vaugn look out for me..and curtis doesnt hate rob anymore which is good, i guess its because he's AC and my its ok..
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so i was talking to MICHAEL MCFADDEN online...thats right, you heard me... McNugget, the red head..the dude we all know..(except for erica)...apparently he thought i told him that scottie did all sorts of bad shit, which i didnt say... so i had to RE-explain that to him...but while talking to him i was looking at stuff and i wanted to show you:
Oh, Rubber ducky, you're the one.
You make bath time lots fun.
Rubber ducky I'm awefully fond of you.
Vo-Vo-Vo-Di Oh.
Ruber ducky, joy of joys. When i sqeeze you, you make noise.
Rubber ducky you're my very best friend it's true.
Oh, every day when I make my way to the Tubby,
I find a little fella, who's cute and yella and chubby. Rub-a-dub-dubby.
Rubber Ducky, you're so fine,
and I'm lucky that you're mine.
Rubber ducky I'm awefully fond of you.
Hey rubber Ducky. Would you like me to scrub your back with my nifty little scrub brush?
You would! Ok! How's this?
Hey, you want me to scrub behind your ears? Oh, I see. You don't have any ears, do you!
Well, how bout your tummy? Scrub his little ducky tummy. Oh! He's ticklish!
Oh, every day, when I make my way to the tubby.
I find a little fella who's cute and yella and chubby. Rub a dub dubby.
Rubber ducky, you're so fine, and I'm lucky that you're mine.

i love that song!!!
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