March 31st, 2001


electric youth da da di da da

KIMMY IS A BITCH!!! so i was speeding from the night before, i took too much rid by accident and kimmy gives me this drink yesterday morning, she says it will counteract the i drink like half the bottle... i'm a dumbass so after i drink a lot of it i ask what was it.. she goes "scotch and whiskey" and i didnt think that counteracted the i goto first period and ask audrey (my wife) and she goes no, it will make you puke... So i ask oreo for a second opinion and he says the same...then i puke...therefore kimmy lied and i was mad..err...

SO i went to College park..after walking around for 2 hours i FINALLY find Denton hall..which is where mark is... i meet a hot chick with an accent named Susie on the same floor and i meet her boyfriend ....*No comment on what happens later* then i go hang out with mark for a while.. *NOTHING HAPPEND* and by nothing, i mean nothing...then i goto Hillel to visit Avi and Sarah was in town so that was neat.. and i saw michele fernheimer and Joanna Katz and Justin Berlin and Aaron Moss... I have a cruch on aaron moss, i think he's hot, i always have, but he was goin out with barbara Jaffe (GAG ME WITH A SPORK PLEASE) then SHE showed up so i left and then i got lost and i didnt know how to get back to the metro and so i was walking and walking and walking and then i find a metrobus stop so i wait and it comes and i ask if it goes to the metro station and it says no... then i ask the second and third, it says no.. so i wait for the fourth and fifth.. and its going in the opposite direction of where i need to be but its ok... cause i got a metro day pass... so i goto greenbelt stationa nd just go home... saw wo drag queens... one on the way there...he was pretty, no wig, badly styled hair, pretty earings, he kind of looked like MS Mann from Scary movie except in a really beautiful blue blouse... then the other on the way back and HE was divine, he had GEORGEOUS earings, a white blouse with sparkley things on it and a mink coat..OMG so hot!!i love flirting with gay people its so much fun.. he came over and we takled about duct tape and lesbians and such... OH! i was at CP and on the shuttlebus and these guys (hot) who play basketball and soccer..hehe... started hitting on me and i was like i'm 19 and i goto massage school in California and they were like oh baby oh baby and that was funny....then i get to the village and i'm so HUNGRY, i havent eating all day or yesterday and i only have like 5 bucks so i do the most horrible thing and goto McDonalds, i got a bigmac cause they didnt have any salad left..i ate half then threw it up so i dont think it should i get to Mirabi's and apparently Crystal,audrey,justin,buff,Bong, Bong's sister who was hitting on justin all nite (whatever), mike, peter,frankie, alex, AC and this SO CUTE dude named Doobie...just chillen...i claimed the TUBe named Jared for me... i was in the tube, Jew in the tube..then with boob to boob jews in the tube..then with Alex-triple boob in the tube, then with buff...then buff and alex left and it was back to two jews boob to boob in the tube... then i went homee at 8 this morning...i might go back tonight after cheryls party, i kinda just want to go give louis a hug and then go see the play again... i really do...but i dont know...i wanna hang with chris but he's in the play....i want to have a party but no one will come cause tonights the cast party and mirabi's having one and my 'rents are going out...etc... and i'm sad...
i read livejournals i'm sorry erica...i dont know whats going on with my friends......i've lost communcation..AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
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