April 2nd, 2001


weekend messes

i know chris has had an emotional weekend and stuff and then he gets in his moods and doesnt want to talk to anyone..but for some reason it kind of upsets me that he doesnt even say hello..like doesnt even awknowledges ANYONE... just keeps on walking....it just makes me sad..he is my best friend and it just hurts my feelings...just a simple hello or awknowledge of presents... but anyway random feeling for the day

a lot of my friends are upset and i cant do anythign about it..i'm like AAAAAAHHHH!! i can usually cheer up people but lately peoples problems have been getting worse and i kind of feel bad cause i'm not having any deep emotional shit going on like i would have if it was last year or the year before... i'm not depressed anymore and my only real problem right now is passing school...then figureing out what i'm gonna do with my life.. but mostly passing school

i've been thinking a lot about aaron moss...i dont know why, he's just randomly stuck in my head...i see him maybe like every few months, not eve...like at rach's or a USY dance and just recently at hillel... its odd....i've also been thinking about Mark (prom date)..i always think about him..its a thing

i saw Louis Hofheimer (my first husband) at Cheryl's party..i miss him so much...he was one of the first people i met in Kadima... and i hurt my arm or knee and he was like "wehave to amputate" and it was funny... he's so funny annd if he was like 15-23 years younger or somewhere around there, i'd rock his world...he's like 37 now i think.... the whole husband thing was ...back in kadima at some dance i didnt have anyone to dance with and i asked louis and he was like sure...and i was just like will u marry me and he was like yeah, but if i find someone else (more his age) you'll understand, and i was like yeah, and so louis will always be my first husband! love that majik dude...

in other news i went to That's Amore in rockville for my grandma's birthday and i saw my cousins Bunny and Tsvi and then my mommy's best friend emily and her family... then Justin Hillman, his family, Daddy #2 (hubert), some other guys from the football team and lacross team or whatever team their on... guys from school....

saturday i hung out with marc Canada, for a few hours and that was cool...we went to the mall and in Suncoast they are giving away the new dentyne ice thingies and AC was like.."Take all for at once" and these things are REALLY strong and so i did just to amuse her and they made my eyes water and i was like whoa... then she's like here drink some wate rand that only made it worse..but i was ok....

i'm at Rob's now...he's playing video games...he got a dreamcast.. i have nothing, i use him for his videogames... i'm kinda bored...i SUCK (shut up)..at video games...like i'm really bad playing against other people but i can kick the computer's ass...



Apperently the toilet doesnt go flush!

So i'm at rob's house today, and his aunt scream's "ROBERT COME UP!!!" and apparently the upstairs batherrom is flooding and i'm downstairs watching Dogma (we were REALLY BORED)...and its all gross and stuff so rob runs downstairs and gets his plunger...enough said... and then goes upstairs for like 10 min... and then comes downstairs and apparently there is a vent in the bathroom cause all this nasty stuff comes out of the vent in robs bathroom....so there is stuff dripping from the ceiling so i scream to rob, "get a bucket or something!" so he got a bucket and then it slowed down and stopped......akll i could say was " wow, weelcome to real world new orleans and your the new shit girl" and robs like shut up and it was funny

the end
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