April 4th, 2001


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i'm in ms francis's room cause i dont have an 8th period and i'm just looking through people's livejournals and i found one that is interesting and i've been reading about him, this guy named Joshy.. who is hot and in one of his entries was this:

Wanting-> more books.

Having-> budget issues.

Loving-> my new spring coat.

Hating-> kid rock.

Hearing-> one more time - daft punk

Wishing-> people would stop being lame in the bad way.

Craving-> pasta.

Regretting-> buying my sweet-sweet new spring coat.

Searching-> for food.

Wondering-> if there is actually "25% more" glue in this here glue bottle.

Fearing-> indecisiveness.

Being-> generally content.

and i just thought that it was wonderful....its a great way to express something and i just wanted to share with you all...

probably going to the mall after school today w/ chris/jordan, etc... and then i have therapy at 2... but other than that nothing is going on....i'm probably having a party on friday..



So ....we all went to seven eleven (look i cen spel)... and thenthe mall and ate and i got a mamas and papas tape cause they are my new obsession for the past three weeks.. i'm ALL about California dreamin.. then i went to therapy... my mommy got me a BRIGHT blue "messenger" bag... thats what its called....it has liek a million pockets, its really cute... i'm going to NY for spring break, YES JOSH I'M GOING!! i'll be on the upper west side.. i'll call we'll make plans... over the summer i'm probably going on this program to ISrael that makes me part of the Israeli Army and i get a uniform and everything...i'll be there from july to the end of september i think........GRADUATION IS JUNE 7th!!! WHAHOO!!!

Wanting-> a hug

Having-> a good day

Loving-> my painted nails

Hating-> the fact my foot hurts

Hearing-> california dreamin'- mamas and the papas

Wishing-> zack would come back and not be hurt or sad anymore

Craving-> treif steak and cheese sub

Regretting-> not going to Mirabi's myself and getting my pills back

Searching-> for something to do

Wondering-> why DOES everything taste like chicken... even though we all went over that already

Fearing-> the milk went bad

Being-> generally content.

quote for today from Ami's Info:
"He's very popular, Ed. The sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, pinheads, dweebies, richies, wastoids, they all adore him. They think he's a righteous dude." -Ferris Bueller's Day Off
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