April 5th, 2001


random stuff

then there is the whole mark thing... he apparently needs a ride back to college park and i dont understand why he cant just take the metro... if he cant go, i asked my friend Avi, but i doubt he'll be able to go... so ten to one i'll end up dateless....so whatever.....i dont like putting stuff in the friends thing... i'd rather it be public...thats really the point of the livejournal so its all agrrivating....i will put everything of concerning prom and friends stuff in friends but everything that isnt nessicary i wont.. i'm going to copy and paste stuff so it will be public too....so dont mind the repeats...deal

i dont know whats going on......its all just annoying....and i have to wear the dress i wore for my sisters wedding... and its annoying cause i dont really want to.... err.......

basically night school SUX!! and if i dont graduate because of that, i'm going to sue the school system... he's not even a fucking english teacher! i'm so angry....stupid skank whore bitch!

today was my hippee day....i wore my tye-dyed shirt and peace pants...then for night school i put my hair like a hippee... plus i've bveen listening to the mamas and the papas for the past 2 weeks... i just got the tape... best of mama cass...ITS SO AWESOME!!! i love it!

anyway..i'm very much interested in this guy i found on livejournal..i find him to be the most interesting person..

Peter (freshman) keeps calling me when i'm not home...he knows i have night school tuesdays and thursdays until 7:30 but he still calls at like 7....he's a dumbass...

i miss Marc C........i dont see him enough and i dont care that everyone is mad at him for him being a dumbass..he's always going to be a dumbass, get over it....

Jill Epstein (youth + educcation director at KS) wrote me a recomendation for the israel thing and its funny cause apparently i'm good at getting "down and dirty" .......i though that was funny

ok i think i'm done...the end