April 6th, 2001



it is now Spring Break!.......i've had a pretty good day.. i have a headache though, but that doesnt matter...

we watched movies in work study, the rainmaker...its a good movie, aside from matt Damon's accent... Claire Danes looks cute..adn Danny devito is tthe FUNNIEST little man!! love him!.. in Horticulture we went and brought Fence;s to the girl's baseball field...i dont care but how come all the chick temas get the crappy fields and stuff...Sexist bastards..like almost everyone on the teams are assholes, but i'm just saying... (the feminist in me)..yeah right...in good news, i DIDNT get a senior contract.. that means i'm passing the class (i hope i hope i hope)...in the last 10 minuetes of school i was sitting by the theatre (it was rainging) and marc frankel (my little lesbian love baby!) came and put his head in my lap and i started to cry, cause i wont be here next year and its so sad... what will my freshman do (probably get on with their lives, but still)... especially my baby Marc, i love him so much, he'll have to find a new senior mother.. i will come back and visit but it wont be the same! i love my freshman and my sophamores... not to mention all of my junior friends! G-d, its just so sad cause i wont get as many hugs or be around as much! i'm going to go insane!

no new news on prom stuff..

probably going to Denny's tonight with Jordan, erica, ryan, and diane, and possibly Chris if he gets back from DC in time..... i wish Marc could go, but no one else wants him there...so whatever... maybe i'll meet Gus (jordan's special friend) tonight... hehe...other than Denny's, Fedeli might have a thing... he has to ask his dad.. if he doesnt have a thign, we'll hang out in Denny's all night! Something new to try..

Ms Ogaz wrote me a really sweet recomendation for the Volunteers for Israel thing... iwas like aww thats so nice.. who knew i could be sucha great person ! (hehe..again, yeah right!)

anyway...the end
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