April 8th, 2001


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so yesterday erica came over and hung out and then we went to chris's and oddly enough the greatest dissapointment of yesterday was that chris didnt make speghettie.....which is sad..very very sad

but it was all good...Jordan got lost on the way over but he eventually made it just in time to watch all the S&M parts of queer as folk... and that was somewhat interesting

in news unimportant: Jordan's exgirlfriend went on a date with John Paulicen..then end

I have to go pick up my grandma from the airport today with my uncle...i'm waiting for the big Kirk about my hair.... Passover Seder is tonight...Liron(my bro) is brigning his girlfriend(my pimp)...hell at the dinner table, there just might be...

Wanting-> real food

Having-> *good hair day* hehe

Loving-> my trippy shirt

Hating-> the whole dishonesty thing thatas coming between me and my friends

Hearing-> dream a little dream of me- mamas and the papas and the goodbye song bye - a new found glory

Wishing-> someone would tell me what the fuck is going on

Craving-> chris's speghettie

Regretting-> kirking out & walking out of ericas

Searching-> someone to talk to

Wondering-> what the name of those pants without asscheeks are...and what the big secret is

Fearing-> family dinner tonight

Being-> generally content.

its my nature to be curious...so i've decided to start guessing.. as far as i know ryan is bringing someone or something to prom and it has to do with me cause everyone knows except me... so guesses:
RoB(army guy)
Sonny Obloy (random thought)
Michael Elias (same as above)
ryans a lesbian and bringing a girl (doubtful)

someone tell me even i'm close!
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So tonight is passover dinner...16 of my family memebers, my brothers girlfriend and Kimmy! cause Chris and Erica bummed out on me...so last minuete phone calls works!

today i picked up my grandma from the airport...she loved my hair!! (weird)
i went to my uncle's house first where i was practically raped (again) by his and Randi's new dog, Ruby... a sweet, very cute looking, lab... doesnt bite but JUMPS like no ones buisness... scary!!

me and Uncle Allen, aka AO aka uncle aka Allen aka old fat guy (jk), i love my uncle! we had like an hour to kill beforehand, so we start watching mission to mars, which i saw with Ari, Ben, and marissa...or rather saw half of it..heheheh..its a crappy movie, but gary sinise rocks so its all good..
then we leave....lots of traffic to get to national... its ok, i fell asleep... HOT GUYS at the airport..hotter chicks though, i was like wowies...then we get my grandma...worse traffic on the way back...

the end..

i get home..check email/livjournals, etc... my grandma got me a skirt , its really pretty...i have to wear a bra tonight, it sucks! UCH...i should get a breast reduction just so i dont have to wear them anymore...but then i'd lose my pillows and people would get mad at me.....who knows... i dont.

it turns out my brothers girlfriend isnt comign tonight.. but its all good... i've been saying SWEET a lot..

oh yeah, Justin aka Pillow got a livejournal his sn is Jbird

thats all for now..more later