April 9th, 2001



first off its a beautiful day outside...i'm having a party tonight! FINALLY!! Whahoo.....it starts at 6-ish... to whenever...feel free to stop by and say hello...i sent an email to the important people who usually come...its still passover so u all get to eat Matzah (MATZAH JORDAN MATZAH!!!)......so anyway.. yeah..hopefully there wont be any drama..my mom said 10 people...but by ten i invited 20...hopefully she wont get too mad... but yeah..she might start kicking people out if ur all too loud..so u know.. be good damnit!

QAF was SO funny last night, i wish i had the tape to tape it.. but i left it at chris' house.. cause i was to lazy to get it out of the VCR...

i dont have any new movies to watch tonight..so i dont know what we're gonna do...

i only have one 2-liter bottle of orange soda too so u all will suffer! MWAHAHAHA!!! sorry random spot of evil

i hope everyone shows up tongiht.... later people

call or email if u have questions

oh fedeli got a livejournal too..his sn is Fedeli

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