April 10th, 2001



my party last night was a great success.... i think anyway... aside from the whole marc mooning thing and wet freshman.. (FROM THE RAIN!!!) dirty freaks, i knew what u were thinking!...anyway

one of my best friend's came, Keira, like i said in my previous entry...she's SO hot..no wonder she was a model...all the guys at the party were like Damn she's hot and of course marc wanted her number but i was like no...because...well...no..

anyway.. yeah so john paulicen stopped by and the kindergarden drama didnt happen as i expected..but it doesnt matter... JOrdan FINALLY asked gini to prom and she said yes...so thats all good... i still dont know whats up with Mark for prom...avi cant go cause its on shabbat..so i might go alone which would suck....
as for the secret... Ryan has assured us that she's not a lesbian (understandable) and none of hte things i've listed are whats happening...

anyway... my party was good read chris and erica's livejournals they are in my friends list... so tis all good...

i got to goto a physical for my Volunteers for israel thing... then i'll probably go hang with the clique today

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so i'm back from the doctors......apparently the right side of my throat, the gland is really big so it hurts...and apparently i have an ear infection which i didnt realize...

I'm starting to think Jenny is a little emotionally unstable... she always thinks Fedeli is going to break up with her over every and any little tiny thing....she is also blaming herself for everything which isnt her fault.. i apolize for what i did.. but i dont think it should matter, rob would have found out anyway from James or something...thats just my opinion and i'm sorry if anyone is offended by it

right now i'm hungry, i'm also tired...and irritated for some reason, not at anything inparticular just in general...i want to go hang out withchris or someone and so something.. but i dont know what... i might just go to erica's cause chris is doing his journal thing for his australia group..so whatever

i miss Ryan...I love yoU!!
i miss Avi too, i havent seen him in a while....

so yeah...the end


i dont know why i keep signing my name.....i should stop, but i cant...its odd
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Hey Anyone up for going to Denny's or someone's house tonight???

email or call me....calling is better

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