April 11th, 2001


"oh what a night"--milkshakes, cardgames, etc

So yeah..the night started off good, everyone was in high spirits.. at Denny's, the waiter guy Mathew wasnt there and i was sad... Gus was there..i think he's ALWAYS there...its just creepy... our waiter was this dude named patrick..he's ok..and asshole but an ok guy..then we goto the mall... Jordan and i lose the group at wizards so we decide to goto Record town and look up some awesome bands..like A new found Glory and Weston....it rocks... then we go back to Ericas and Jenny got stuck in a tree and that was amusing...so i helped her down... then erica had Squeezeits! and i never had one before so that was something new.... then apparently Jordan stole fedeli's car and went to Diane's and Marc followed.....but erica and i called Diane and she was like ." oh shit, this is really bad time...FUCK" and then she hung up...and that was bad.. so we call fedeli and he calls marc to tell them not to go...i wonder what happend???

As for chris, what i've noticed about him is that when he's angry or upset..he never tells us what he wants, he always figures, "oh they wont listen to me anyway" ... which is SO not true... someone could have taken him home if he asked... but he didnt ask..

As for the whole silver diner thing.. i wanted to goto Silver diner... and the one at the mall sucks so we go to the one in rockville.. we got milkshakes... it was cool.....Jenny got hit on in the bathroom by a hot chick from wooten.. and it freeked her out..but i was like whoa...sweet...hehe....anyway..

then we go back to ericas... and marc SNEEZED on me, which was completely gross and disgusting...YUCK!..so i dunked my head in the sink...and it was all good again...

question for the time being..


gtg to NY today...later