April 13th, 2001


update from NY

first off i want to let chris know i SAW Janet Jackson...TWICE in times square... i was waiting for my mom and they had a line to get up to TRL and i waited in line but they ran out of tickets so i went to the side of the street where veryone stands there and screams and i saw her.. she's so hot... then i was going to the theatre across the street like 20 min later and i saw her again!! and that was awesome and me without my film, i was tempted to steal one of the little other people screaming's camera... so yeah.

when i first got to NY .. my mom and i saw a guy throw up in the street and that was lovely ...(SARCASM)... and then my cousin Tema picked us up in a car that she got from the movie comapany she's working for..the movie is called Happy hour with Eric Stoltz and Anthony LaPlaguia (from empire records).. .which is cool...my cousin designs the sets...

then we go back to her and her boyfriend Caesar's apartment on the upper west side..we have a fabulous dinner and its wonderful... then the sleeping arangements... this couch/bed thing tilts! and so my neck and back are killing me! UCH... and then this Cat!...the cat kept jumping on me during the night and i think bit my hand at like 4 in the morning... its crazy! this is psycocat... he jumps on everything and apparently i'm the only person he likes to bite.

yesterday my mom and i left real early and we went to go find tickets to shows... nothing was open so we walked all the way to the east side.. then took the train to the other part of the east side, then took the bus back to times square... then me and my mom hung out in MACY's for an hour or so cause it was the only place thats open.. Macy's has SEVEN floors..how much crap can u put in one store...it takes up a whole block!! then we go to the carnagie deli cause my mom was pressed for going there..2 words.. BIG MATZAHBALLS!!!!...then the east side again to visit my cousin bill who owns a mail etc store... and that was interesting..then we went to the west side again to get show tickets.. we waited an hour to get full monty tickets and then RENT tickets for today.. my mom got producers tickets (with mathew brodrick and nathan lane for august to go with my stepdad).... so yeah..

the full monty was interesting.. 2 of the guys were hot.. the lyrics sucked... the voices were pretty good...the set sucked... the lead dude was Mathew stocke and he was in something.. and the Kathleen freeman (who's pretty famous) she was in it..i have the playbill... well they do go the full monty and from where i was sitting i could see everything... now it was no hung jury but..hey u get what u can...its crazy

i think i might be allergic to something..my eyes have been watering and i've been sneezing when my eyes water... its crazy..

today i'm supposably meetin my bud Josh (from Metny USY) at grandcentral at like 11:30 and i dont know how busy the trains are now.. hopefully josh called erica cause i couldnt get in touch with her....I might se MIrabai today--later today or possibly tomarrow before i go home...

i'm going home tomarrow...monday my rents leave for paris... i get the cell..hopefully... no party's while their gone... so we gotta party at someone elses

supposably i'm going to easter dinner at kimmy's house sunday..i dont know whats up with that...

what about chris' dinner party??

Hey HOW IS EVERYONE???????? i miss my clique!!!

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