April 14th, 2001


home at last!!!!!

So yeah..my last day there was productive...a good day all around... i hung out with Josh in the morning, i didnt get to see Erica or Mirabai which was sad...but its ok..

josh and i went to st marks place or something...in the village and looked at a whole bunch of ring shops and stuff... i got a buttin that says go fuck urself but u have to read it upside down... so its all good... we took the subway but it went to far so we had to go back on another subway to 8th st.. and that was amusing..there is a CD store there and it has all new CDs SO cheap.. like 10$ or 6.99$ or even 3.99$ so awesome and then there is the 88 cent bin..they had some ok stuff in there too

then i went to 41st street to see RENT and josh went home... RENT on broadway differs from RENT in washington because the voices are different.. and u get to see ass! (i swear i saw ass in every show i've seen in NY--ROCK!!)
RENT was absolutely fabulous!! so awesome...

then my mom and i met my cousin tema and caesar for lunch/dinner...went to this little resturant in the west side.. SO GOOD!!!!!! OMG YUM!!!! i had speghettie... ( i can never spell that right)
by this point in the week, i'm seriously craving bread... i havent eaten bread all week cause of passover....i SO want a peice...i get to eat bread tomarrow night!! WHAHOO!! the clique and i should celebrate tomarrow too... as opposed to going to denny's tonight..anyway back to NY

after dinner my mom went to go see riverdance which i really didnt want to see... so after like an hour of begging she got me a ticket to ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!!! ...it was the greateszt thing EVER!!!!!!so HOT.....Joan Jett was Columbia.. Joan Jett out of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts! (i love rock and roll, just put another dime in the jukebox baby).. she's so hot.. with a shaved head even.. i saw everyone's ass in this show and i saw Joan Jett's boobs! WHAHOO!! T&A baby!.. the narrarator was Dick Cavett....he's famous...he had his own show..he was SO FUNNY!! you can tell the people who go see ROCKY HORROR every week live, cause they know all the stupid comments to say (ie: brad majors:asshole, janet wise:slut, during songs they know what to say)... after the show someone dropped their audience participation bag, which had a boa, light thingie (for a part of the show), confettie to throw (as rain), newspaper (so the confettie doesnt hit u), some other stuff... one of the phantoms, SO HOTT!! he's the second georgeous guy in the show (rocky horror was the hottest--bleached hair--sexy ass--the works)....so the phantom guy was signing autographs after the show but i couldnt get one cause i had to go meet my mom at the corner of 50th and broadway... then i saw him on the metro --the phantom guy-- he got off at 86th... we got off at 103rd.. he's so hot.. anyway

after the show.. before we got home, there were some hot NY kids (goodlooking) around my age.. like raving...glowstick and all..so i hung out with them.. and i actually fit in..somewhat cause they all sucked just as much as i did.. so one of the guys was jason (hookup #1) and then one of the chicks was Amy (hookup#2) and this all in the 30 min i was waiting for my mom for riverdance to end.. ..so yeah

then i got home.. and it was all good..

it turns out my cousin tema is being evicted cause the Dead Guy's name is on the lease..so that really sucks but she'l;l be fine.. they are having a sale next wednesday to get rid of some stuff... go buy stuff.. upper west side, 104th street and broadway...so yeah

i got some videos before i left.. all the dead guy's..i'd say his name but i dont remember it.. and everyone else calls him the dead guy.....the dead guy was really perverted.. but really smart.. intelectual wise.. he had like opras and stuff... adn yes there is a movie called "little oral annie" for anyone who wanted to know... and no i've never seen it..anyway thats all for now

i'm glad to be home...my own bed, no cat jumping on me.... or biting me... i'm kind of upset on the busride home my tape that Jon gave me broke, yeah sure Jon's an asshole and stuff but it was a pretty good tape... so its kind of upsetting..

so anyone up for denny's tonight... or going to someone's house or something...call me or email me


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me--army--yeah right

in recent news, and by recent i mean the past two minuetes... my mom just talked to my dad in israel... i got my draft notice.. and my dad tried to tell them i live in MD but they were like NO ... so now my mom has to call the county or embasy or something to tell them i live in MD and apparently my dad doesnt want me to goto the army....so whatever..

so thats all really.....scary...

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