April 15th, 2001


wowies again

basically u can read what happend to night on Marc or Erica's livejournal... in my friends thing... it was fun

I FINALLY GOT BREAD!! WHAHOO!!! i've been craving chametz all week...i can finally eat my fuckin cheerios!

i think marc said it best when he said:

"A little somethin that's been on my mind-
I need to get more ass. The end"

random thought for right now...

scaring fedeli was fun tonight and talking to Bonnie......i Love bonnie! she rocks!

marc's bed is suprisingly big... SHUT UP!!
apartment buildings are cool... and Marc's little stalker chick.. she looks exactly like my pet soph, biggie.. like in chick form.. they loko exactly alike but she has reddish hair....thats the only difference..

thats it i think..

--THE END--.......just to piss everyone off..


my latest obsession will now be..... Billy Idol aka William Broad