April 16th, 2001


Whahoo! they're gone!!

YAY.... my 'rents have left...

i've made a personal decision to leave an opportunity for friends and aquaintences to stop by any time during the week... without invitation... just knock or ring the doorbell and if i'm not home, i'm not home.. but i'll have the cell all week... if u need the number email me...

as last day of spring break i'm having an......what to call it...... an open house... anyone who wants to come over, can, and leave whenever u want.. basically... i'm dismissing the times i said before cause my stepbro wont care and since there is school tomarrow no one is gonna stay too late..

so its all good...

my rents left me and my step bro 50$ for the week and a half.. aka they left me 50, cause i took it.. its emergency money so i dont plan on spending it.. (stop laughing chris) ..i'm gonna try my hardest not to spend it... i do need to go grocery shopping though... there is NO edible food in the house, excluding the frozen pizzas...

any new prom news? anyone?

as for last night.. there was one picture where i thought marc looked really really hot.. he was like 14 or 15 and he was playing the guitar.. thats a good picture.. why cant he look like that anymore... hehe ...(no offence--all in good fun)... marcs mom is really nice...

thats all for now...

the end

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    billy idol-- dancing with myself

YAY shopping

i'm proud of myself, i went shopping... for food for me and my step bro...i got coco puffs (cause my rents would never buy it for me), string cheese, gushers, 10 packages of oodles of noodles soup, 5 boxes of macaroni and cheese, herbal essence conditioner, and veggie eggrolls....i also got my pics developed from some party, and anime convention and passover University...etc

hmm.. i found out my friend Jeff is gay.. that was kind of a shock..but its good...he's really hot... he might come to Prom, cause ten to one mark probably wont be able to go.. and avi cant go cause its shabbat...jeff's a sweetie, i love him..

its all good..

anyway thats all for now...

peter came over today..and erica... thats about it
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