April 18th, 2001


sr banquet....oys...etc

...so everyone's been talking about clearing air and letting out truth... so why not just do it.. granted if we do happen to do that, im kind of afraid of what will happen and who and who wont come out of it... i'm worried about myself cause i take EVERYTHING really personally... and i think fedeli takes stuff personally too.. so i dont know...

a LOT of stuff happend at senior banquet tonight... if i wasnt so tired adn i didnt fall asleep under a table...i'm sure i would have had a really good time... aside from my whole sleep venture... the bus ride down couldnt have been more annoying... i was seperated from my date (fedeli)... i was on kimmy's bus but i was sitting diagnolly from her cause the FAT BASTARD (some big fat guy with like beads in his hair (one of the really loud black guys from that random group of really loud black guys)... was sitting next to kimmy and would NOT shut the fuck up the entire fuckin bus ride... and i had to sit next to Kyle Stewart, who is such an asshole.. he didnt shut up either and he tries to be black and he's white so it doesnt work...plus we were in a really small seat and he kept grinding the seat while he was talking about all the booty he was gonna get (or lack there of)... so that was annoying.... kimmy looked beautiful..matt fruend looked good too, he cleans up nice.. after i got a really dsturbing call which completely ruined my night, kimmy gave me her coursage which was nice.... i have it in my room....all night i was beign followed by this really really tall, very strange senior named mike... he's really weird, he's a druggie and smokes up .. A LOT.. i dont really like him like that, but apparently he likes me.. the boat was really nice..beautiful..i felt like such an outcast.. cause i'm suppose to be a junior, like mindy kitts is suppose to be a junior too but she was having a good time.. so i felt even worse cause i wasnt..fedeli kept asking me if i was ok.. well twice..and i lied, and said yes when i wasnt...but my eye didnt twich...it was weird...i happen to notice a lot of stuff about people i was with tonight... when ur not doing anything u tend to observe... i come home from Sr banquet to find my stepbrother home and his best friend andrew over, watching some movie with jodie fostor (who i really dont like)

today in school could have been better... it was an EHH kind of day...all day i got... " wow u cut ur hair" and " what did u do to ur hair" --i cut it morons, what does it look like i did--...sorry...

my daddy told me about a youth pride rally thing on saturday which i want to goto.. then sunday is the ISrael pride day in DC..where like every jew in MD and Va will be at.. i know most of them so its all good..

anyway... i should goto sleep, but i'm probably not.. i want to leave school early tomarrow... i just feel i need to... maybe chris will write me a note... i might be in a funk or something...just ignore me...

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