April 19th, 2001


hey everybody

first off... i dont understand why fedeli is all angry or however he's feeling right now... at his party he asked or i asked or someone asked if i/he wanted to go with eachother.. and we said yes... to me that kind of finalizes everything... but whatever.. Jenny was all jealous and questionative so i sent her an email, i dont see why i should have had to send fedeli one, what would i say.. i'm explaining shit to ur gf.. like it even matters anymore... sr banquet is over... my proposition is to get over it and not bitch about it anymore... that goes for fedeli, jenny and myself.. any objections?

next YAY!!! i'm so happy, i'm passing! WHAHOO!! i got three Cs, a D and an A and one E but thats in History and i'll pull it up and even if i get a D i still pass.. so its all good... i'm now re elegable for xtra caricular activities (like theres anything to do anyway)..

the Cofee house thing is tonight at Watkins Mill HS ... from 6pm-9:30 pm... in the cafeteria...its 3$ at the door i think... read poetry , stories, sing songs, the Lakadaisies are playing and Adrenalyn (i spelled that wrong) and i think seven Locks , but not sure.. its gonna ROCK! ....i wont be there till 7:30.. ihave night school..but i'll be there

i put my hair in spikes, its weird.... but kinda cool... i got to goto work now and night school!

I GET TO SEE LOUIS TONIGHT!! WHAHOO!!! (husband #1)...

anyway.. thats all for now

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