April 20th, 2001



first off...Happy bday chris!!

so my throats been killing me all day.. i went to the nurse today and they couldnt help me, and i couldnt go home cause i need someone 18 or older to sign for me and i have no one cause i dont know my brothers numbers... then bitch shelton comes up to me while i'm leaving the nurses office and is like
"are u going home"-her
"whats wrong with you"-her
"i'm having trouble breathing and stuff"-me
"do u have asthma"-her
"no..i dont know"--me....then i cried and walked back to class

all day i felt like shit, so chris and i went back to my house..we hung out watched the last episode i have on tape of "queer as folk"...and then the first part of "what lies beneath"....which i taped.. its really scary...

so i call my grandpa when i get home.. to see what to do about my throat.. i also call my doctor... i dont have the pharmacy number and my Drs office is closing in like 5 min......so i call my mom and leave her a msg in Paris about the whole situation...she STILL hasnt called me back....chris leaves.... so my dr gives me the number of another doctor.... i call them and the lady i talked to was very nice.. and was like ok, you have an appointment at 5... she gives me directions and the address and everything.. so erica comes over.. just as my brother gets here (like 4:30-ish) and we know we're gonna be late... so we go get gas and at the gas station, i call to tell them we're gonna be late...a different lady picks up the phone and is like "no thats too late, dont bother coming"...i'm like what the fuck, we already left... she wanted to give me a perscription and she didnt even know what was wrong... so i'm like pissed off.. so we go home and my 'rents still havent called.. and i call my grandpa and he gives me all these suggestions.. i'd goto the walk in clinic but i dont know where it is.. or the name of it...so i'm screwed for that idea...

plus chris cant go tomarrow and i dont know brian's number to call him and tell him we're taking the bus.. ..so i'll check the phone book online...(erica's idea)....

i'm tired.. thats all for now...

come over if u want.. but whatever.. i'm sick.. whatever


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a dirty dirty night...

So tonight with erica already over, we call Jordan...he's hangin with Greg, so they come over... then we goto...where else...but denny's.. i was pretty nice to the waitress.. Gus wasnt there.. and that was sad..neither was mathew and that was sad too....

but first we add more oil..we goto exxon.. jordan adds gas, they add oil..it takes them FOREVER to get the cap off the oil thing.. that was funny
the cashier guy was laughin at us through the window..

then we picked up diane...then gini.. diane sat bitch in back with greg and erica and gini sat bitch in front w/ me and jordan..

btw..i let Jordan drive the oldsmobile..

then we went to see Joe Dirt...it was ok, it could have been better.. he goes "get the fuck out the way!!!!!!!" like jordan does... i was like Yup, thats Jordan... greg was a mad pimp tonight.. he had diane layin on him, erica's leg over him, and i was sitting on the floor in front of them cause there werent anymore seats ...we were in the front row.. greg kept making me touch diane's boob (nothing i havent felt before)...then greg kept taking my hand and puting it on his penis (over his pants) and he kept making it move and that was REALLY weird and creepy and gross..the end...

i gotta get erica up tomarrow.. and somehow get intouch with Brian that we're taking the bus... i emailed him

thats all for now....my throat still has white spots and doctors still suck!