April 23rd, 2001


the big OY

so i know a lot of people are worried... basically wahts going on is My tonsils are really huge with white spots on them...and its kind of blocking part of my airways... the doctors at the hospital said its probably mono or tonsilitus... which sucks and the only good thing about that is they take out my tonsils which is what i wanted since i was in 5ht grade.....i pretty much owe my life to chris's mom now... she's been taking care of me the past two days.. i crashed at chris's house saturday and sunday.. cybill and i have gotten a lot nicer to eachother...she would just stare at me sleeping.. liek she was watching over me, which i thought was nice....i dont like hospitals, they always have empty spirits left in them from people who have died...its sad...when i was staying at chris's house... my mom called.. she yelled at me and told me to stop being like a burdin on chris's family... which i wasnt... i actually felt like part of a family ( non-disfunctional one).. i think chris's mom liked taking care of me... i like being taken care of by her...she's a good mommy #2...i wish i could do something for her for taking care of me....my throat isnt doing myuch better right now.. i still cant swallow much of anything and i cant stop crying for some reason, i think my fever is back...i could really use a hug or something...

i think i'm going to go take a bath...

the youth pride thing was so great...my thraot wasnt bothering me, brian and erica were great, i got to play frisbee with lesbians and dance witha HOT sexy gay jewboy...plus i got to see JEff! he rocks..i even went up onstage with some queens and 2 other bisexuals (one who looked like justin timberlake) and the other (anna) she was hot...i got to see all the queens i wanted to..

it was great...

i think i'm gonna vomit..so i better go


sorry if this repeats
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