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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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hey look, whats that???.......Its MONO!!!! [24 Apr 2001|03:33pm]
so i called my grandpa early this morning after the 8th time i woke up screaming in pain... my stepbrother didnt come home last night...anyway...so my grandpa took me to the walk-in clinic that was closed when mommy#2 (chris's mom) and i went... my grandpa got in a bitch fight with the secretary's about arrangements cause apparently u need a pareental consent..yada yada yada... so they finally see me... do the whole blood pressure thing... i tell them whats been goin on.. and how the hospital never called back...etc... so then she (nurse) leaves for like 20 min.. i fell asleep... another lady comes in and is like we're going to redue the tests...so they drew blood.. a LOT of blood... i kinda felt woozy (cool word-hehe) after they took my blood so i kinda fell of on the table thing... and then she left gain for like another 25 min, i re-fell asleep (it was a different lady)... Then a third lady comes in to explain what their giving me and the fact that i had mono...so they put me on steroids (No they are NOT for sale) predinesone...i think thats what it is...anyway so my we went to giant in fox chapel (me and my grandpa) to get my perscription filled....and that took forever and i was still kinda ---ehhhh--- from the lack of blood...

as for my throat, there are still a lot of white spots on the back left side...more on the right side now.. and a LOT more flem and nasty gross mucas-like stuff ( i'm only telling u all to gross u out)....so yeah and i'm ALWAYS dehydrated..its really annoying, after i take a drink, i need another one... like the simpsons said.. " HOOK IT TO MY VEINS!!!!!"....anyway

not sure whats goin on with prom right now...
i gotta get money to someone to buy me tickets....

i might have to get a tutor or something for the week.. cause of the whole mono thing.. the doc said it would last from 3-6 weeks... which sux...

my mom called from bumblefuk and yelled at me, and then apoligized for yelling at me.. and then yelled at me again.. its all in her good interest i dont really care...

i'm thankful for my grandpa being home and chris's mom and my stepsister.. and my friends.. and the fact i got to crash at chris's house, which was cool...hehe...granted when i woke up i couldnt move...but its ok...

hey chris..go weat the applesauce...i'm not..

i feel like screaming right now

everyone is sick..i feel bad.. me, scotty, hot guy in canada, chris G...

in good news i've been sleeping more than chris, which is a first...be proud of me...granted i also wake up screaming in pain...

thats all ... the end


current mood:--still sick, what do u think!
current music:--radiohead-nude (hehe nude)
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