April 25th, 2001


i have mono and the only thing i got out of it was this lousy pickup line!

" hi, i have mono, wanna kiss?"--hehe funny

anyway so life REALLY sux now.. NO ONE GET MAD AT ME.. if u want to get mad at someone, be it my mom... i'm not returning to school.. which means i cant goto prom..

my mom is getting me a home tutor to finish the school year, i'll be at graduation, but i cant go out of the house except to goto the doctors and assorted other places..i miss my friends from school..... ME SAYING I WANT TO GOTO SCHOOL!!!!!! its fuckin crazy... i swear i'm going to kirk out and like run away or something.. i'll be banging on the doors and bitch shelton will be like, nope cant let u in, and then laugh evily.. i feel horrible about everything...

i cant goto prom which is a whole other issue... the whole reason everyone is going was cause its my last... so now that i cant go, i feel horrible for everyone else.. cause everyone knows i'm the life of the party (thats me being conceited--i'm allowed to, i'm sick)... i basically ruined everyones plans, i cant even goto the after party, it would be to strenuous or something...the song that comes to mind is:
" you'll never see your friends again,
you'll never see your friends again,
you'll never see your friends again,
haha you suck"--ask me for the tune later and i'll tell it to you, call me..

i cant leave the house... so basically i have my computer and television to keep me company.. someone shoot me.. i cant go bowling this saturday with the clique for chris's birthday either...maybe after graduation i'll have some thing.. anything...i swear i'm going to kirk out within the week if i dont see any of my friends..

my mom brought chris's family a present (from paris--ooh la la) for taking care of me..which i thought was really nice.. she also got me, french rap..which is really cool stuff.. its funny cause i dont speak french..and a kinder egg (its dark chocoalate on the outside with white chocolate on the inside, with a little egg in the middle that has a toy inside.. i love those things, you can only get them in europe...they are so great..so yeah

i went to MY doctor today, Dr. Kern.. who is much nicer that anyone at the hospital.. the people at the walk-in clinic were nice too.. basically i have to go back next week and have them draw MORE blood.. geez, how much blood do these people need.. anyway...

my mom is getting me tutors and stuff i'm going to be home school... i feel able to goto school, i wouldnt be able to carry my backpack, i've gotten really weak, i couldnt even close the door on my grandpa's van, which i could always do before..i'm not that contagious, only by coughing or sneezing anywhere by ur face which i wouldnt do, or kissing on the lips... a kiss on the cheek is fine, and hugs are fine, i'm not THAT contagious....

anyway i'm going to update now and let everyone read this ..so far and i'll write more later

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"Come On!!!!!.... its JUST mono!"--erica

Erica's planning a protest this weekend in front of my house, with signs and everything to talk to my mom to let me goto prom.. which i think is pretty cool..

me-- i should be sleeping, but i cant, which sux.. fuckin steroids.. apparently they gave me a large dose.. my spleen or liver might explode or something if i do too much vigorous excercise, which i try to do as little as possible of.. so i wont have to worry about my liver or spleen exploding...

i know someone got ame a card, and everyone signed it... which is really sweet.. .someone said it was Jenny's idea, which is even more sweet.. so i'm all like.. awww...

Brian, my daddy, was asked by that cute guy Dennis (from the youth pride)...so cute.. to goto the PRYSM prom, which is a gay youth church thing.. which i think is really sweet.. brian and dennis together are adorable, i hope that lasts for a while..

i'm still kinda of into the 80's... on the way back.. i've been downloading belinda carlisle--dont ask me why--its odd, i'm going through a faze..g-d i hope its a faze, i dont want to be stuck in the 80s...

my hair is growing back.. soon i'll have an aphro.. i keep wanting to ask diane if she has that blonde hairdye, but i keep forgetting...

i'm going insane... i need human contact..its like day 5.. HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!


(all hand typed--i'm really bored)....

thats all for now.. i love people , by people i mean my friend. ...i actually dont like people..cruel intentions rules!! (felt like saying it)


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    you've got a friend in PA--a new found glory

Ok, its getting old now

my fever is back... its really annoying, this whole sickness thing.. i mean REALLY annoying...
i miss my friends, there isnt much to do.. and i cant even go outside..its too hot or too cold and i get dizzy.. i feel so useless, there is like nothing for me to do anymore..
Spring Convention for USY is tomarrow, even if i was going, i couldnt go..i want Josh Rabin to win for president, he'd make a great one.. and alex helfand to win exec.. he does a lot for the region.. rachel barr was already on board but she did a good job and not many other people are running so i'm sure she'll get it... so yeah.. i get to miss out on my jew crew..

i have a new plure for being sick...

Bring me presents, i'm sick.. it will make me feel better...hehe...i'm sick i'm allowed to be an asshole...hehe


spring convention... good luck to the people running, too bad for the people who have to sit through it... and may your busses not break down like last year, and may you not get dumped by ur boyfriends, and lose elections....etc..
And let Sara (who is Yoni obessesed) get a lot of pictures of him....

the end


errWhat the Fuck is a tuna melt???!

I've just randomly hit an angry streak...
NO ONE HAS CALLED ME!!!!!1 not to talk or anything...

like i get sick and i'm not at school and What, I dont exist anymore.. so what no one calls! its just kinda of upsetting... none of your friends call you.. i mean, i call my friends all the time, be it sick or not.. i call rob when he's sick, which he is a lot, some of the time it being my fault (SHUT UP EVERYONE)... i even called Tiha when she was sick, and we're not even that close of friends..


my question for today is:
what is a tuna-melt? and how do u make one?

thats my little rant for now