April 27th, 2001



in Jenny's livejournal, she said that Fedeli was getting tested for Mono too... I havent been anywhere near fedeli.. so its just ODD if Fedeli gets it too.. i'll be everso confused... i dont know whats going on...

i have an acupuncture apt today at like 1-something.. whahoo needles...(sarcastic whahoo)

all the college people are starting getting ready for their exams..(being, Mark, Aaron, Avi, Hillel people,stacey,andy, etc...) good for them

i dont know when i start with my tutors, i dont even know who they are... the school's voice recording keeps calling my house.. and a recording comes on and says " this is ms jobe, your son/daughter has been absent,tardey, and somethign else (whatever not in school) today.. please call -------(i forgot the number offhand)...and aftyer my mom called the school like 20 times to tell them i'm not coming back they still send those G-DDAMN messages.. not even people.. fuckig recordings! if ms jobe really cared (which she doesnt) she'd call or at least have a real eprson call ur house to make sure why u werent there..

so anyway......i miss people.......

i'm happy for Jeff , that he'ss still going to prom with you guys.. thats really great.. he's a great guy.....he knows how to party! plus he's hot..
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i want people to call me.......but i might be at the doctors...but i ALWAYS have my cell with me now.. so if u cant reach me at home, call my cell... if u dont know the number, ask someone like chris or ryan or something...


SO my big outing for the day was going to acupuncture.. i spiked my hair this morning cause i had nothing better to do....so everyone at the Drs office thought my hair was cool..... it was the first my mom saw of it spiked so she kind of freaked which was cool...

Basically all acupuncture is, is when they stick tiny needles in you and you fall asleep.. apparently my liver is swollen.. i dont get it.... whatever.....i'm bitter...

Erica MIGHT (Big Might) come visit me today..

after acupuncture, my mom made me goto boston out, or chickin out or whatever that place is called with the chicken...the mac & cheese was good.....the potatoes sucked, the soup sucked......that place is nasty... dont ever go there........ we were at the neelesville shopppping center, which made me want to goto petsmart and visit chris g..but he's sick too, so that wouldnt work....

anyway... thats all for now....

Jeff emailed me.. all excited about prom and asking about chris.. it was cute!.. i was like at least chris has a hot date.. hehe..that is if u can pry him away from his new Janet Jackson CD....(Doubtful)....hehe

anyway thats all for now..


hey people... bring me movies to watch.. i get bored...really bored...
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WHAHOO!! visitor

YAY!!!!!!! Erica came to visit me!!!!!! erica's my new best friend....jkdding, i love u chris...

so yeah, the highlight of my day is erica!.. she drove, good for her...yay!

my day earier:
JBIRD8479 (6:41:18 PM): whoa, what exactly does acupuntcure do to you?

DivaVivaLF (6:42:22 PM): they make u take off ur shirt then they stick tiny needles in you( it doesnt hurt) and its suppose to fix your immune system

my keyboard is all screwy......err......
i downloaded IMESH today.. had it before, then i delted it, now i redownloaded it.. its better than it was..i' still getting used to it...

its crazy

i'm tired

"so stupid happy in love"--everclear



thats basically it....
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SUx for Matt and Jenny

Fedeli calls me this evening and tells me he has mono.. not as bad as mine thugh.. which is good.. but it still really sucks... Jenny is like crying her eyes out cause of all the you know, stuff..like not being ableo kiss matt and the fact that she might have it too..i just feel so bad for them... bt i want to tell both of them that

THINGS WILL GET BETTER!!!! drink lots of fluids and get a lot of sleep... it will be ok!

believe me i know..REALLY


thats all my news for now

Oh and congraduations to Jordan and Gini... apparently thy're going out now... its cute.. i remember in theatre last year with Ryan,Jordan,Gini, me and James (PL)... how Gini hated Jordancause he was always being stupid and Ryan and I had to deal with PL.. and it was just good times, good times..theatre wa fun.. with mr deerfield.. hehe

more Bullshit to add to the pile

well.. i told my mom fedeli had mono........now she thinks i hooked up with him..which is really annoying for her to make n assumption like that.. cause i would never do that.. fedeli has a gf and my mom knows that... at like sr banquet or something...when i tried to tell her what happend at sr banquet and the horible time i had.. she yelled at me for raising my voice...ERR!!! parents are so aggrivating...

anyway... thats my little anger flled moment directed to my mom...

i talked to Ari tonight (my ex-ari).. he's cool.. we're all good.. goto his website and sign up for free email.. its a really great page http://www.suprememp3.com/

thats all for now...

anyway.. who wants to get mono? i need some ass!
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