April 29th, 2001


grandma's house

i'm at my grandpa and grandma's house right now.. there is less stuff to do here than at my house.. but i'm not at my house.. so its a good thing..
so yeah i got bitched at by my mom about people stopping by for TWO FREEKIN minuetes to say hello...my mom aggrivates me so much
i have to wait till my nex doctors apt to see if i'm still contagious, which i doubt.. i feel great.. i'm going crazy..

so anyway.. i was up till 5am watchign tv last night.. then i went to sleep and then i had to get up at 8:45 to goto my grandma's...

i'm so bored.. i have to go now and pay attention to them, but i'll be back...

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    new found glory...goodbye song

hold me closer tiny dancer....

Now that i have THAT song stuck in my head.. i've heard it about 50 times on the radio and in Movies. and on tv... its crazy..its like one of the very few elton john songs i can tolerate.. I dislike elton john.. but thats just me...

it was really great that everyone came to visit.. you all can still visit.. just notin large groups.....apparently its "too soon" (says the mother)... whatever.. i'm fine.. anyway...

i feel bad for Matt and Jenny.. Matt, you shouldnt have gone out.. thats bad.. u have to stay home and sleep..ur contagious.. and i wish i could do something about ur financial situation... and Jenny... good for you.. you do what you feel you should do..do what your heart tells you.. i admire that..

Oh yeah... Jeff--chris will be online late last night.. i didnt go back online, so i forgot to tell you.. sorry.. hehe :)

Brian and i have resolved our problem--we are cool now..

i recently talked to avi and i'm happy that he's doing so well in school and that he's leading a happy life.. and i hope he and sarah are doing well.. i wish you both my best.. :)

so i'm at my grandma's.. i got presents from Greece and Turkey.. i got chocolate.. a silk Purpley-blue scarf thing (very beautiful)... a big silk robe thing (a moo-moo) from Marlene(a friend of the family).. its really awesome... a big flowy skirt thing.. its really cool.. and i think thats about it..

thanx Nana! (yes that's what i call my grandma) and i call my grandpa, Poppa! if u got a problem with it... too bad..

i also got an email from Marji (you're hot).. seeing how i was.. which is nice

i have my cell.. call me... talk to me people

i love you all
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    tiny dancer--elton john (he is SO not a diva)

home again

i'm home now... i'm going to wash my mommy's car today for 10$..i'll be downstairs, but u can still call.. its all good

Blue Jean Baby.. LA Lady.. etc.. damnit i hate elton john


from washing my mom's car.. hehe.. DIRTY PEOPLE!! always tinking dirty things... hehe

simpsons start at 7 tonight.. 90 minuetes..whahoo!(info brought to you by aaron moss's away message)

everyone is sick..its sad... evn my poor pet freshman from churchill lttle zack schreiber is sick too.. i'm so sad.. everyone is sick.. but what can you do.. u know..

i'm ired.. hopefull rob will come by and bring me movies to watch..if he doesnt forget..

i start my home tutors tomarrow for chemistry... and a litle history.. i think..i dont know

anywy..thats all for now

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simpsons...what the....???..oh yeah USY stuff too

the simpsons was weird tonight... it was like themovie "GO"...restarting from different point of views.. i know i'm confused...

i've been hearing about convention... apparently Daniel Rosenthal and Janna Schuster are getting married...WHATEVER.. she's such a bitch..to everyone.. and a lot of people are saying its just a rumor..but i dont know..i asked people who were at convention and thats what they said.. and aopparently there was a cake and everything.. and i asked ben if he knew anything and he asked becca unspellabe and apparently she confirmed that they were.. so its weird...and then i asked ari (r) if he new anyting .. and he asked david and apparently dvid said it was a prank.. so now its like whatever...i dont know...

as far as i know..

Josh Rabin is now the new president of Seaboard region USY-which is good..cause he's really dediccated and has helped out our chapter a lot.. he and cheryl are always on the phone..he's a really gret guy!
Alex Helfand is now executive vice President of Seaboard Region USY..which is also good.. he does a lot for the region.. and he too is really dedicated.. even though h thinks hooked up with a dinker WHEN I DIDNT!!!!! I DIDNT!!
Jocelyn Brick-Turin (a good friend of mine) is now the religious education vice president of Seabord region USY..she rocks... i believe she is the most dedicated person to USY..i've known her since Kadima.. she's one of the first people i met.. i'm very proud of her... GO JOCE!!
Hershel Eisenberger is now the SOcial Action Tikkun Olam Vice President of Seaboard Region USY...he's a great guy.. very funny.. i havent known him that long.. i met him like last year, but he's a good guy..
Julia Crantz is now the Membership Kadima Executive Vice President.. I've known her for a while.. she's a LOT of fun o be around.. i'm sure she wil be absolutly GREAT!
Tzeira Creditor.. also a good friend is now the israeli affairs executive vice president... which is good, she's extremly caring about people and i believe she will do a great job..
Grady Coltrain is now the Tikshoret of Seaboard Region USY... i'm positive he's beter than i could have been, i dont know him that well.. but from what i do know..he's a good guy... and i hope he follow's in Yoni's footsteps..

President: Joshua Rabin - jsrabin@erols.com
Exec. vp: Alex Helfand - alex284816@hotmail.com
Rel/Ed vp:Jocelyn Brick-Turin-jocelynusy@yahoo.com
SA/TO VP:Hershel Eisenberger - ornothing@erols.com
Mem/Kad VP: Julia Crantz - JB2C7@aol.com
Israel Affairs VP:Tzeira Creditor ZdaCrazy@aol.com
Tikshoret(VP):Grady Coltrain-chaoticshade@hotmail.com

i'm gonna miss all my friends in USY..especially the seniors.. even becca gardner.. who (LORD KNOWS) we've had differences.. but u know.. we're buds.. i'm gonna miss Yoni, even though he's like afraid of me.. but he's hot and one sexy bitch.. oh baby oh baby...i'll b around UMCP visiting people ext year a lot so i'll see all of u guys around.. who are going there anyway.. and the *alumni*..heehee.. especially ones i happen to have a crush on.. gotta love USY alumni..

speaking of alumni...i've been wearing my JDS shirt like all week.. is the most comftorble shirt i have.. even though my ex-jon gave it to me.. and i completly despise him with a passion...but anyway..

i miss chris.. even though i saw him yesterday, i miss him already.. i need a hug..

OH, i talked to Jennifer today.. as in little sweet indian Jennifer.. she's good.. it was just like old times.. so funny.. she might come visit me in a few weeks.. she's busy with schoolwork and the returaunt and stuff.
THe Joyti Indian Cusine resturaunt in Adams Morgan DC on 18th Street.. SO good.. try the curry.. its delicious.. i know i'e worked there.. its SO great.. everyone should go.. well Jennifer is doing fine.. we talked about everything.. her ex, my ex (random indian guy thing,dont ask u dont want to know)...schools, the whole mono thing.. u know..everything. and it was good

i'vebeen redownloading Mp3s..right now a whole bunch of will and grace quotes..SO FUNNY!!heehee...anyway

my fever randomly came back.. its odd.. i dont know.. whatever...

i'm bored and tired... i start with my new tutor tomarrow for chemistry...or history.. or something...

then Jordan said he would come visit this week.. and rob is gonna bring me movies to watch.. and it will be good.. hopefully i'll go see everyone afterschool one day this week.. maybe friday.. but i'm not sure.. i doubt it.. i'll try but i doubt it

i've been talking to my friend Jake tonight.. he's awesome..we've known eachother since te 6th grade...he's so sweet...we used to write eachother letters and everything.. then we both got lazy...and stopped...the end..

anyway.. it think thats all for now... the end

i claim tonight as JEW NIGHT.. cause i talked to a lot of jews tonight. the end..

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and jeff...

Jeff--sweete.. i'm not doing this to make fun of you!! your just arent Justin..its just something u need to accept.. ur more michael-ish.. you know what.. just be JEFF!! cause i love Jeff!!!...jeff rocks my world! and apparently chris's.. oh and i'll never stop bothering you.. ever.. your stuck with me kid..hehehehehhe MWUAHAAHAHAHAHA (that was my evil laugh if you couldnt tell)

i love you buh-bye