May 1st, 2001


fist thing in the morning...

its 11:15, at 7:30 i et awaken by aphone call from those G-DDAMN CURTISY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! i hate them with a passion!!! GEEZ! i managed to get bak to leep and sleep till 11:10.. inbetween getting woken up about 5 more times.. so anoying...i go downstairs and my mom is in some frantic, "i went shopping you have to eat" type of mood.. again she buys this ORGANIC crap that taste nasty...i cant stand it.. and she got like fruit salad..which she practically shoved down my throat.. i went back upstairs..i'm not really awake yet and my stepdad calls from work and is like all " hi, get ready to do history tonight!!" in an ll excited way..which is also really annoying..somehow the conversation ended with
"TONY BENNET WAS NOT IN WORLD WAR II" ...dont ask, i dont remember...

i think i might have a semi case of insomnia, i cant get to sleep until really late..even though i'm really tired..i just cant get to sleep...its odd.. last night at like 1am, i went through all my CD see which ones still had CDs in them.. i found all my local bands and stuff... like my cousin's band Earth Suits Off and Percy Hill My cousin Aaron Katz wrote most of the songs and sings a lot of them.. and he's on tour right now somewhere around New Hamshire...he's awesome..we have the same birthday..June 10th... a lot of birthdays are in june

june 2-my stepdad, jack
june 4- melissa
june 6- Jake
june 8-my little sister, tomer(israel)
june 10- me, aaron, judy garland,
june 11-my next door neighbor, abby
june 12- aaron moss
june 13- Ryan (you rock)
june 15-little street urchin who used to live in my neighborhood
june 19- like 3 of my friends in VA
june 25- ex-freshman phil-he moved
june 27- Jordan

thats all i can remember off the top of my head, there are a few more..

today is my Poppa Carl's birthday.. he says its his 3rd 29th birthday...but that would make him really really old.. he's somewhere in his 70s, i think, no one tells their real age.. my mom has been 37 for about 7 years now.. weird..

i'm so tired.. acually have to do work today.. as opposed to doing nothing all day.. wich i';m ok with.. i was go roranize my CDs and make some random mix tapes.. but that can wait till i get REALLY bored...

i had the most random dream last night..or rather this morning.. i was in my grandparents car, and i thought we were on our way to visit some of my USY friends (chris --ask me later) and i was in the back of my grandparents toyota camry, 94,i think.. and i wasnt in the seat, i was on the floor on the back.. and my grandparents were talking like they were going back to florida.. so that was weird.. and then thy got a call on their cell phone.. but it was a different type of cell phone, not theirs, but a really fancy expensive kind...and it was the person i was gonna visit's mom or dad, dad first call... then they hung up , and then the phone rang again and it was his mom.. then they hung up agan.. then the phone rang one more time, but i had the phone in my hand.. and it was him.. and so that was weird.. we werent even saying anything... and then i woke up..

napster is being a bitch.. the downloading and everyhing is one thing, but just the startup , the keeps freezing.. its annoying

i guess thats all for now.. i look forward to Jordan's visit tonight..he's brnging me cookie dough,so i can make cookies..YAY
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i've been really angry today... with my mom especially..she keeps telling me what i need to do, I KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO TODAY!! you dont have to keep repeating it 20 million fucking times! it just gets really annoying.. i guess i'm also a little sad... i was talking to Avi this morning... and he told me that aaron moss was mad cause i mentioned him in my livejournal.. which is kind of sad.. but, you know what can i do..

i did homework today.. history.. i did 2 pages and all i have left to do is a map.. which i have like 2 weeks to complete.. also i got all the work from my nightschool teacher.. who is obviously dislexic.. he doesnt even teach english, he teaches history at SENECA VALLEY hs... please.. he's also an asshole.. but thats besides the point...he gives these completely unreasonable assignments..he doesnt teach anything... long boring stories which have absolutely nothing to do with the english 12A curriculum...UCH.. i've said it before and i'll say it again.. i hate stupid people..

all week i've had in my head the whole "you'l never see your friends again song"..even thoug i will see my friends, its just not the same.. i think i may be starting to get depressed..

i would love to smoke up right now.. i mean i stopped all that a while ago.. but getting high right now would seem really fun and relaxing... just get a HUGE bowl or two or 3..heheand just veg and eat munchies and get really really high... lke that time i got busted by my 'rents.. i got like 6 or 7 really good my 'rents were bitching at me and i was just like "yup..uh huh"..not a care in the world.. that just seems like so much fun right now..

nothing good is on television this week.. my mom ws like "i'll go get u movies to watch" by that she meant, old war movies that have todo with my history assignment, which i wont watch.. i HATE old war movies and anything of that sort.. and she got like old stupid crap that isnt funny.. so basically i have nothing.. and she got cbook on tape which she expects me to listen to.. its one of my assignments for night school.. i hate those assignments, he assigns them, doesnt even read the answers we write.. so baically i'd just bullshit everything.. which i dont have a problem with, excluding the fact i suck at bullshitting..anyway

i'm really starting to miss Mark Brill again.. i miss him a lot.. he and i have a weird connection i guess you could call it.. i dont know.. i just miss him..

i guess thats it
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rocky horror

i've joined the rocky horror community, i found the audience participation script.. of what to say during the live performances.. ITS COMPLETELY HILARIOUS..i'm laughing my ass off... i sawRoky Horror on Broadway a few weeks ago.. i think its like on of the best shows in the world.. the audience participation script is here

i loved it.. and its great that they have a community to talk about it.. i find it really interesting..
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denny's rocky horror questionare

If your cast does not go to Denny's after Rocky, then just imagine "Denny's" as being replaced with "Jim's", "House of Pies", "Waffle House", or wherever your cast usually goes after Rocky in each of the following questions.

Do you know more than half of the Denny's menu by heart?
-- All of it?
Do you not even look at the menu anymore?
Do you know all of the waitpersons' names?
Do any of the waitpeople know your name?
Have you skipped Rocky but still gone to Denny's afterwards?
Have you gone to Denny's with other cast members during the week?
Have you gone to Denny's by yourself during the week, hoping to run into other cast members?
Have you stayed at Denny's after Rocky past sunrise?
Have you sat at Denny's for more than three straight hours?
-- More than six hours?
-- More than twelve hours?
Have you gotten sick from Denny's food?
Have you 'forgotten' to pay your bill at Denny's?
-- Then gone back the next week and done the same thing?
Have you made the 'normals' mistakenly seated in your section feel welcome?
Have you participated in a deep-throat contest on ketchup bottles?
Have you done the spoon on your nose trick at Denny's?
Have you done a floor show at Denny's?
Have you been involved in a sugar packet fight at Denny's?
-- And hit your waitperson?
Have you been involved in a coffee cream fight at Denny's?
Have you been thrown out of Denny's?
Have you been thrown out of other 24-hour diners?
Have you been thrown out of EVERY 24-hour diner in your area?


with my newfound boredum, i've joined a number of new Livejournal communities which can be found in my LJ info...

list of friends with livejournales

chris l-blue02dude
ryan h-chameleon613
erica s-diamondchild
jenny b-qcatherine
Jordan C-liberateinferis
kimmi CA-bigtittykimi
jeff m-quattroboi
marc c-blamecanada82
scotty f-soccerscott2002
justin (pillow)-jbird
bobby -fumanshu
dana -secretchrisma
chris g-cg504
hannah t-hannahbanana

the communities i'm a part of are:
bisexual, gaystr8alliance, gayteens, jewishfriends, rockyhorrorshow

thats my story..i'm bored

Jordan's vist

Jordan came to visit tonight.. he FORGOT MY COOKIES!!!!! BITCH!! its ok..he's bringing me 2 big rolls tomarrow.. he better..he promised..Gini didnt come with him..she had stuff to do...

i have my tutor tomarrow from 4-5:30...

Basically Jordan came in and sat down and watched tv...he used me for the bigass television..and he forgot my cookie...if he brought the cookies, i wouldnt have minded..but he didnt.. and now i'm stuck on that.. cause i wa really looking forward to cookies..

my mom boughtall this organic health shit.. and my stepdad came home with the same type of organic health shit.. i was upset.. no one buys REAL FOOD anymore.. its upsetting..i'm hungry..i crave chris's speghettie..i seriously do.. i crave it..

anyway..thats about all for now

people come visit me..

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ranom thought

random thought:...

SATS are on is that gonna work or me.... weird..

buffy was good... i have to remember to tape queer as folk tonight.. i forgot sunday...

i'm hungry..chris made speghettie.. and i really really really CRAVE it.. in the most obsessive worst way... but he wont bring me any.. and i cant get there.. so i'm sad..:(

Jeff sent me a pic over AIM..he looked hot..the end..

i am NOT A PENGUIN!!!!!! nor am i old...just had to point that out