May 3rd, 2001



i'm tired..i went to bed at like 5am... i watched what lies beneath was on tv..i'm still scared.. its frightning.. really.. i woke up at like 11:30--damn phone calls

chris leaves today for VA Beach.... i dont know what time he's leaving, but he said he'd write.. so i dont know.. also my baby marc (F) is goig to va beach too.. i hope he gets a lot of ass.. he needs it..

i think i'm gonna do my history homework today.. the maps and stuff.. hot tutor gave me homework for horticulture..we dont even get homework in the class!..if i dont do it, do u think she'll discipline me?..hehe...we are goig to grow a cucumber plant...has anyone noticed that the most disgusting vegitables are the easiest to grow... like squash..who the fuck eats squash..its disgusting.. anyway...

i might make the cookies today..or tomarrow depending on how i feel..i really hope Rob comes and brings me movies..

jeff and chris are SO CUTE!!!sorry i have to say it.. its just so cute.. prom night i'm definatly going to the afterparty

i have a doctors apt tomarrow.. if i'm TECHNICALLY not sick anymore, i can hang out with friends.. twards the end of the school year, i can go hang out in the lunches.. well my mom said i cold, bitch shelton might object..hehehe...

i really didnt have anything to say this morning..i kinda dont want to go downstairs....but i have to eventually.... in good news i only have 4 more days left of my steroids.. so thats good news..

i'm really tired.. well not really..but i could be...i hope i'm not sick anymore so i can go ang out this weekend with people..i really hopethe doctor says i'm ok..i sweriously miss my friends.. i talked to marc (F) last night..he's been looking after my freshman..he says they're good..which is good...

i also talked to Audrey yesteray... i miss audrey..she's hot..heehee..she said other people havent been doing so well since i left... and apparently Eric has been looking for me..probably for rid...but then again maybe just to talk..he always came to me.. like one day we were outside after school ended, just walking around the parking lot just talking about stuff.. then we saw a fire behind the townhouses.. and that was interesting..thats a whole other story.. but yeah..its all good..

anyway..i gtg take my meds now..
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new tutor

ihave a new english tutor.. apparently she used toteach like butt-robics classes or something before she became a tutor...well thats what my mom told me.. she's coming tonight at like 7:15...till i assume 8-somethng.....weird..

i'm so tired.. i hope people come visit this weekend.. i already said that..

i un-watched myself from the bsexual community..cause they were taking up too much room, i'm still a member..they just wont be on my friends list anymore...sorry people..

its all good

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YAY for mom

my mom got elected to the NBoCSANA-- National board of the Cranial Sacral Association of North America... my mommy is on the board of the directors...she gets free stuff...GO IMA! (ima=mommy in hebrew)....

apparently i have TWO doctors appointments tomarrow..not one..but two... not get the point..

my appointments are at 1pm-- and 3:30pm.. so i will be out from one to......probably around 4:30..i get to go OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!

anyway..i did homwork today.. i did my map for history.. wowies.. thats over.. my tutor for english is coming at 7:15.. i hope she doesnt stay too long.. i dont wanna deal with that.. plus if i miss will and grace, i'm gonna be pissed.. that show rocks...hehe...

thats all for now
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new tutor

So new tutor is for enlish and history..which basically covers the rest of my subjects... she's coming next tuesday...

She's older than Natasha.. she's still pretty.. i wouldnt nssicarily say hot... she's like married..but you know.. eh... she's alright...she's pretty though..she has pretty clothes...thats all my commentary on it...

I think i'm going to tape Almost Famous tonight..its an ok movie.... i like it...i think i'll wrte my film analysis on that for mr thackston...even though i have some from before that i could hand in....

thats all for now..

chris came to visit before he left...he was wearing his Pjs was like one big PJ party..except only with me and chris and it consisted of us talking about Jeff (all good things) and making stupid comments at the Mp3s i have managed to collect...and the giving of presents (to him)..heehee

i love chris...he rocks..

anyway.. getting ready for my 2 doctors apts tomarrow.. read previous journal entry's to see when i wont be home...

thats all for now



hi..yeah..jeff--why are we getting me a stripper? not that i object..but hey, just curious.. is it a guy or a girl...or both..heehee*

i miss chris..he's been gone..3 hours..or 2..whenever 8:00 was..thats when the busses left..

the AC in my house is broken.. its really hot in here.. UCH..its annoying

anyway..yeah..umm.. oh.. i taked to brit tonight..she's cool..its all good.. i love her

thats all