May 4th, 2001


rush rush rush

So.. my mom wakes me upat 9am...UCH..that was annoying..especially cause i went to bed at 3..i was up watching "the boy in the plastic bubble" with john was so sad..he couldnt leave his bubble! then he got a suit..and he coudd leave the bubble...but then he almost died.. so it was sad...

then i was waching the Fred Durst playby party thing on Mtv...for some reason Fred Durst reminds me of Zach....weird...

the air conditioning guy is here... then one of the sears guys already came.. then another one is coming to fix someting else.then my mom got a cleaning lady to clean the house... its a MADHOUSE in here..

i'll be out today.. getting my passport pictures taken, and i have two doctors appointments... i have my cell all day.. call me on the cell if u need me for the number if u dont have it..

anyway.. talked to ben again this morning..he's in technology class..


thats all for now......BIG FLOWY SKIRT THING! WHAHOO!!

to quote Ava " I HAVE HAD A REVELATION!!!!..........BANANAS!!"

everyone pray for me that the doctors say i'm not contagious anymore!!... and i can go out again!! PRAY DAMN YOU!!... heehee

ok ......bye

"ALL CLEAR....can u really fly!?"--peter pan..hehe

YAY!!!!!! so i went to my two doctors appointments... i dislike bothers me.. my first apt was with my doctor! Dr Kern.. She took three tubes of blood.. like DUDE! thats a lot of blood... i'm not contaious anymore!! i can hook up with people again! HURRAY! bad nws..i'm still house ridden for liver and speen are still enlarged a little which means i could still get really sick... so i have to be house ridden... but now i can have people over.. by people i mean like 2 or three people..

tomarrow i was thinking, erica and Ryan and possibly diane could come over...we could have like a girl night or something cheesy like that.. my mom said only a few people so by that she means not the entire clique.. if u come i'll make the cookies tomarrow.. u take bribes???

Marc is coming to hang out tonight..he's got nothing to do.. apparently Daria is having a party tonight.. which i want to goto but i cant for obvious reasons.. aka my mom..

but anyway its all good...
the SATs are tomarrow at Gaithersburg HS.. at like 8am.. so yeah.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Eeryone has these random quiz things now...i dont but like everyone else does..
(college people)
avi's quiz:

sarah's quiz:

andy's quiz:

i know aaron moss had one but i think he deleted it..and i know other pople had some but i forgot what they were...

ayway..thats about it..

remember.. tomrrow..RYAN..ERICA...and/or DIANE! ....or jeff if he can get here to hang out...which would rock..i'll make cookies
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still reeling!!!!!

YAY!! i'm not contagious anymore!!......i'm jut SO HAPPY...

so marc (CANADA--hehe)came over and hung out with me....he got a hung out.. watched "joes apartment"..ordered pizza from papa took them a fuckin HOUR AND A HALF!!! i was so mad.. dude me and marc ate lie a whole large pizza...we eac ate half...i'm about to explode..i havent eaten that much pizza since like third grade..(SHUT UP to everyone who knew me in third grade!)...

I got my USY yearbook today....its really great.. a lot of great memories...its like a shame they ony like seclude the popular people.. you dont see any of the little people... like chana and ben and the mini-jewcrews...the pictures are really they were copied in there or something...the quality isnt that great..but its still a good job.. i'm thankful have it...

chris called today from VA BEACH...he's good..having a goodtime.. he wrote me a he has no he's gonna give it to me when he gets back..i love chris.. he rocks..heehee

i've been going.. *heehee* a lot...its weird...

i wish i had something more to write in my communites but not being able to go out puts a damper on my social life and restrics me from doing......well......anything...

it talked rob into coming over tomarrow and bringing movies to watch... Erica said she'll come.. diane might come for like 2 minuetes..then she has to go...she has like a family thing or something... rob's bringing..little nicky, emperors new groove and shreik if i know what u id last friday the 13th...ryan said she probably wont be able to come.... i havent heard from Jeff..he probably wont be able to..cause of the whole..distance thing..yeah that sux..

anyway.....hugs and kisses

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! SATS are tomarrow..i'm scared..i never took those before!..big LONG test!...scary..i should go look over vocabulary..i should go find the notebook thing from the SAT prep course i took for about 2 weeks and then stopped...hmmm...idont know

ok NOW>....hugs and kisses (cause i can now--i'm not sick anymore)<<<<<>>>>