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DivaVivaLeFreek's delusional thoughts -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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SATS [05 May 2001|01:20pm]
the SATs werent as hard as i expected them to be... they were at Gaithersburg HS.. i happen to see a LOT of people of whom i personally dislike... i also happen to see Ryan Logue...he didnt recognize me from youth pride day..which is fine.. i also so my buddy Danny from night school...and BRIT!!!! BRIT's HOT!!! i love her! she still wont go out with me.. her whole loving steve thing.. he's a cool guy....thats about it...

i'm tired.. my grandma's here..she got me a moo-moo i Turkey/greece... its humungus...its also silk!! it rocks!..heehee

chris comes home tomarrow!!!...

i'm still not sick anymore!! YAY...

rob and erica are coming over tonight... i want jeff to come too..but he probably wont...

my new friend James in NJ is SO adorable....i absolutely love him! heehee! so cute!

anyway.. thats about it..

love and kisses..

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