May 8th, 2001



I'm in such a whatever sucks!!..err.i'm really angry for some reason!... and YES..chris did give me mono.....appartnly he' been plotting this for months or even years...just to take over the world!...i cant believe it..when u thin someone's ur best friend!...go figure!

my tutor comes today (not the hot one-the other one) ..she comes at 3...i really dont have anything to do with her.....ause i finished my histoy....all i have left is english and i can get that from Rob..and then all i have to is watch a movie and write an its like whatever......

So yeah....apparently i'm going to churchill's prom..which is cool.....cause well yeah..

you all got my email.. the end...

umm.....i need more cookie dough! JORDAN!!! i need JDS(not the school)...hehe...jordan's magical cricket turned out to be a bitch.....that more socks for you!


thats all for now.....

someone come over and hang out with me this week
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how did we get here, how the hell, pan left, did i get here, xmas! Xmas eve last year!

so yeah kimmy got a date for again i'm left with no one.....which i'm ok with....i'm alone most of the time anyway now, so why would it make fuckin difference......whatever

todazy has SUCKED!!! i'm angry at chris......i wasnt the who he gave me mono thing was a joke....but before he let me explain he fuckin hung up on me and that seriously wasnt basically FUCK YOU! at the moment.......i'm really happy for you.....from the bottom of my heart i am...but you dont have let love make you an asshole to everyone everyone else i mean me..... so yeah FUCK YOU!

and because i was mad at chris i blew up at my adopted little brother...which i'm really really sad about and he probably hates me now...i cried...i'm really sad...i'm sorry James...i love you!

so i've been really pissed off all afternoon and then my mom starts bitching at me, like i'm never allowed to be in a bad mood....WHAT THE FUCK! its not like i'm depressed or trying to kill myself again.. she never gave a shit when i was depressed and on a suicidal verge... and now she gives a shit when i'm in a bad moon....she probably thinks its gonna make me sick or something.

my hair has turned back into a JewFro...its kind of i'm just debating on puting it in spikes and keeping it like that..for a while... i want to dye it more colors but i dont have any colors..

i'm out of cookies....i have to make more.....i have a minimal amount of cookie dough left.. i'm hoping the doctor says my blood is fine so i can go OUT this weekend..i really want to..i cant stand this house..

my tutor is coming tomarrow...i havent done some of my homework....i dont care right now...we are planting a cucumber plant tomarrow.... BIG FUCKIN WHOOP!!......i hate planting.....i seriously do..

i'm tired, my 'rents are bitching and everyone has someone except me... and the highlight of myday was talking to some guy about how great he looks in nylon stalkings and how me and him are going to CVS this weekend to find him some in colors! life sux! i'm such a loser! someone shoot me!

apparently my freshman peter has become some druggie freek and is apparently gonna break up with mirabai and not associate with my other petfreshman

i've been lisening to RENT all day...its the best musical ever!...anyway

lyric of the day: "look i find some of what you teach suspect, because i'm used to relying on intellect, but i try to open up to what i dont know, cause research says i should have died, three years ago."--life support--RENT

question of the day: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON????
other question of the day: would you light my candle?

whatever.....u can call..bye
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    RENT- life support