May 18th, 2001


hmmm....more rambling

i dont know...i guess i'm just sad and alone and thats sad...i only want one person and they dont want me, like that anyway, so its sad.. and i'm not sure if i want a relationship with anyone because of the whole commitment nd support thing.. i mean i could do it..i dont think i'd mind...but with relationships comes emotions and i HATE emotions, they completely fuck you up.. i hate being dumped, i dont like dumping others.. i hate the feeling of being alone also.....i dont know.. i guess i just want someone to hold make me feel give me hugs and make out with me... everyone nowadays is just looking for sex...which is sad..
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    dream a little dream of me-mama cass

work and play

i've been doing homework all morning.....i have to do more... UCH..then i can goto jenny's around 5:30 (err mirabai's)....i talked to mirabai this morning..she's cool

its all good

hmm....tonight tonight tonight....i wonder whats gonna happen...especially with all that sex everyone is planning on having.....i dont know whats gonna happen......

i have no idea whats going on with daniel and i....its way confusing...hmm....i dont know whats gonna happen....we are probably still gonna hang out this weekend..i dont know

my mom thinks i'm staying at ericas this weekend..its ok....

well....what are we gonna do for me and ryan's birthday this year? any ideas? we gotta do something big before i leave for Israel July 1st...


i guess thats all for now...

lyric of the day: "get ur freek on"--missy eliott

question of the day: how should i wear my hair....slicked back or how i usually wear it..or a hat? what?
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    american pie--Don McLean