May 22nd, 2001


daniel again

so and daniel worked everything out...he's my boyfriend again... so umm....yeah..heehee

i dont know...i guess i'm just a dumbass


this morning i had to go out with Marji to pick up some stuff.....i have my me on that..

Daniel--sorry i couldnt call..i hope u werent late for work....i had to go out with marji this morning

i'll be out until around 2-2:30... call me on my cell 254-5308

i gtg



this morning

i'm home now......i feelbad cause daniel wanted me to call him this morning and i couldnt.....its sad

i went out with Marji Loggie this morning...she's AWESOME.... i love her.. she made me go clothes shopping (which i truely HATE)...but we went to Marshalls...and she talked me into buyin this really pretty wrap thingie.....its multicolored....yay... and so umm yeah....then she wanted me to watch her try on bikini's...which i have no problem with...she's hot... and her tatoo is SO pretty....hehe...
so yeah.. then we went to trader Joes and i got a literof Orangina!!!! its the greatest stuff in the world!!...then we went to get food.. we went to that chinese place across from the mall.. it was pretty good....i got veggies and noodles.. it was good....then i came home

my tutor is coming at 3..Diane.. and Natash is coming tomarrow! at 5:30... so umm yeah..

thursday i have to work at Kehilt Shalom cause Marji is going to the beach.. but i' gonna try and leave early and goto the choral thing at JDS...cause jeff and sri cohen and melissa are singing in it..and i want to see them...i'll hang out with Ari... hopefully chris can come too...if that doesnt work out, i'll hang out with daniel.. but i dont know...maybe he'll come with me (which i doubt)..but whatever...i want to see my JDS buds.. and my dirty dinker is all pressed about me going... i should bring daniel just to keep my dirty dinker away from raping dirty dinker being ari cohen's little brother...

anyway... so umm yeah.....i'm home me..

thats all for now

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my new theory

u should get bubblewrap...thats ALWAYS fun and duct tape...then duct tape the bublewrap to urself and roll down a it goes pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop poppop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop poppop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop poppop pop pop pop pop poppop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop poppop pop pop pop pop pop


hey everyone..

i made a Duct tape community....because there wasnt one... i feel special....everyone who loves duct tape should join and post stuff...

tell what u used duct tape for that day and so on

everyone join!!!!! it rocks!

so umm..yeah..hi

i hate sux
the JDS concert thing is on thursday at 7pm.. on hunters lane..who knows where that is and who can give me a ride???? call me and tell me or email me
or something..

anyone who wants to go with me??? anyone can go..its all good

so umm yeah....thats it


its so sad

Buffy died....thats like the saddest thing that happend in television....she's not supposed to die....and spike was cryng and it was sad....and giles turned into this vicious killer and killed Ben..and it was sad.....thats just the most awful thing in the world... i need a hug...thats SO sad....

oh wow....and its moving to UPN....but what are they gonna do now...there's no more buffy!....its SO sad.

ok i'm done


i'm going to random commuities....

Saw this somewhere......

Every blowjob you give, adds one month to your life.

If you swallow, the protein ingested is equivalent to five porterhouse steaks - but contains only 150 calories.

A handjob a day keeps arthritis away.

Every ten minutes of dry humping is equivalent to ten minutes on the treadmill.

Doing it doggie-style will erase crow's feet and wrinkles.

Intercourse prevents divorce.

Regular screwing releases Vitamin F, which increases the number of brain cells.

Sex eliminates headaches.

Obeying the Eleventh Commandment, "Thou shalt make thy man hard", triples your chances of getting into heaven.

Inviting an attractive female friend into bed with you and your lover earns you a diamond choker for your birthday.


Just thought I'd add a bit of humor to the community:

"You don't happen to work at the UPS do ya?? Cause I swore I saw you checkin out my package!"

"Hey baby, if good looks were dog doody, you'd be the SHIT!"

"I lost my teddy bear, can I sleep with you instead?"

I'm sure you've probably heard these all before, but they were new to me and I thought I'd share them.
hehe....thts all for now......

join my ducttapelover community!!!!.....its awesome

Duct tape rules the world

thigns to do with a dead dick...from

A rolling pin (Jan)
Press it flat in an old phone book and create interesting pressed penis pictures, a perfect gift for the guy who thinks he has everything (Jan)
Put a handle in the end and use it for a paint stirring stick (Pam)
Nail it to the wall and use it for a coat rack (Hawk)
In a pinch (literally), poke extra holes in the end and replace shower nozzle (Tanis)
Attach a cord for a vibrating/massage shower head (Tanis)
Make fancy mar-pini glasses for a cocktail party (Tanis)
Toilet paper roll dispenser (Tanis)
New mic (or Mike) for your karaoke machine (Tanis)
Hang around your neck on a spiky dog chain to dispel squeamish men (Tanis)
Fill with lead and use as a soft grip pencil (Tanis)
Roll it in peanut butter then bird seed and hang it in a tree for the birds to "peck" at! (Laurie)
Insert into Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey ... when burnt to a crisp your turkey is done! (Carol)
Take several, fill each with a little gun powder ... insert wicks for lighting. Decorate with festive paper and glitter. Use for firecrackers on December 31, 1999! (Carol)
Bronze it and then use it as a coat hook (Cheryll)
Turkey baster (Cheryll)
Conversation piece on the coffee table....("Oh, that's just Ronald when he was in his prime.") (Cheryll)
Paperweight (Cheryll)
And on some men... sewing needle (Cheryll)
Baton for relay races (Cheryll)
Easy way to make holes in donuts. (Would be wise to wash it first)(Cheryll)
Weapon to use on other men (Take that, you foul beast!! -- whack) (Cheryll)
Starch it, add batteries, use as vibrator (Howie)
Tie string through pee hole, hang on doorknob for kitties (LadyKat3)
Pin cushion (Blissley)
Mammogram tester: Before you flatten your breast, run a demo on a dick (Blissley)
Redneck girl's toothpick holder (Bill, a guy even)
Freeze and use for an ice-pak. Microwave for a heating pad. (MaryAnn)
Collect about six and make wind chimes. (MaryAnn)
Use several, tied on string, for a mobile for baby girl! Teach her young what the best toys are! (Lauri)
Baseball bat for midgets (Carol)
Impale it on the bedpost and notch it instead of your lipstick case. (Susan)
Dip it in candied apple glaze an make an all day sucker out of it!!! (Annette)
Tis the season ... a Christmas Tree Ornament, of course, with a bow! (Penelope)
Use as a tampax holder (Penelope)
Keep in ones purse to fend off pickups ... "Would you like some dick?" Show to the person and politely say, "NO thank you ... I already have mine." (Penelope)
Use as a ketchup dispenser (Penelope)
Make a whistle out of it to call your dog (Penelope)
Fill with Vicks and use as a nose inhaler (Penelope)
Fill it up with plaster of paris and use it as a microphone while singing the Lorena Bobbit song (Anonymous)
Use it has a kickstand -- rigor mortis does set in, doesn't it?? (Nicole)
Draw your ex's face on it and use it for a voodoo doll. (Anonymous)
Use it as a bud vase. (Anonymous)
Use it as a weapon in a robbery (this is a dick up)! (Anonymous)
Plant it in flower pot (head side down) next to your favorite plant.
Fill it with water and plant food for automatic feeding. (Debra)
Birthday candles -- you only have to blow them out once a year (Emily)
Plunger handle (Loorah)
Stick a mickey mouse head on the tip, slit the dick horizontally, insert a spring in the bottom, and use as a pez dispenser. (Loorah)
Attach to your door frame and use as a chin up bar (Loorah)
Use it as a jack to change tires on a car (Loorah)
If you have two skinny ones, you can use them as cross-stitching needles. (Loorah)
Paste on thin bristles and use as a toothbrush (Loorah)
Shish-kabob stick. (Loorah)
Hang it over the Men's Room door, so people who don't speak English will know which room to enter. (Anonymous)
Tattoo Flowers on it and give it to your Mother In Law (Tattoo Jim)
Stick coat hangers through it, insert it in a Black & Decker drill and use it as a paint stripper (Tattoo Jim)
Soak in it Starch, let it dry, and use it as a dildo (Tattoo Jim)
String a few together, add a couple of bells and make a wind chime. (Dawn)
Hollow out, add some dried beans and viola! Your own maracas. (Dawn)
Orchestra conductor's baton (Connie)
Pointer for an anatomy teacher (Connie)
Use to flip somebody off in traffic, especially effective on male drivers (Connie)
Anti-Viagra campaign logo (Connie)
Glue to wooden base and use for a necklace holder (Connie)
As replacement for handgrips on your bike (Connie)
As a #1 candle on a birthday cake (Connie)
To induce vomiting (Connie)
Interesting hair accessory (Connie)
Add the special seeds and grow your own very special Chia
Place it standing upright, along with the balls, on a wooden base, and you've got a nice model of the space shuttle to give to your nephew for Christmas (Melissa)
Use it as a reminder for the one thing that men are truly good for (Melissa)
Use it as an over-sized (in some cases) pink eraser (Melissa)
Use it as a nozzle to provide a steady stream on your garden hose (and be sure to write your name with the water stream!) (Melissa)
Nail it to the wall and hang your coffee mug on it (Crazydee)
Cut it up and use for fish bait (Rose Bud)
Fill with sand and use to block drafts under a door (Sharon)
Extra-thick crochet hook (Sharon)
Replacement handle for a slot machine (Sharon)
Attach 4 wheels, two on each end, and use it as a back massager (Sharon)
Slip over the handle of a hot pan (Sharon)
Poke a few extra holes in the end, and fill with parmesan .... (Sharon)
A great cocktail stir stick (Jenn)
Use it for rolling dough (Jenn)
A seed popper (Jenn)
Meat tenderizer (Jenn)
Good to make a jello mold (Jenn)
Use as a dipping stick for powder candy (Jenn)
A great back scratcher (Jenn)
Put a cork in the bottom and use as a salt and pepper shaker (Jules)
Hollow it out and stick it on the end of a fireplace blower (fan) to keep a fire going (Dawn)
Hollow out. Remove head. Insert grinder. Reattach head and use as a pepper mill or maybe cinnamon (Dawn)
Hollowed out, it's perfect for a hose attachment sprayer (Chrissy)
Slide on a #2 pencil as a pencil grip (Chrissy)
Use as a durable coffee stirrer (Chrissy)
Use it in the kitchen as a egg or batter beater (Chrissy)
Perfect for a bendable straw (Chrissy)
Insert with pins and wear it on a necklace. Best worn at a bar; merely flash it at unsolicited suitors. (F&T)
Just keep it around and poke it a bunch (Carrie)
Attach one to a helium tank and use it to inflate condom balloons (Cristy)
Fishing lure to catch blowfish (Janis)
Use it to roll cannoli shells ... miniatures, perhaps! (PurpleOwl)
Burn as an incense stick; you'll be the envy of all your friends! (Emma)
Blow it up and stick under friends as they go to sit - Whoopee Cushion! (Rebecca)

funny shit...

Spanky's IQ Test!

1. George Bush was president when? (approximately)
___ (a) B.C.
___ (a) A.D.

2. Where is the sun?
___ (a) In the closet
___ (b) At the KMart
___ (c) In the glove compartment
___ (d) the sky

3. Explain Darwin's Theory of Evolution. (ALTERNATE QUESTION: spell your name in all caps)

4. What are can openers used for?

5. If a train is leaving Chicago bound for New York, at 3:00pm going 50 mph, how fast is the train going?

6. What religion is the Pope? (check only one)
___ (a) Jewish
___ (b) Catholic
___ (c) Hindu
___ (d) Polish
___ (e) Agnostic

7. Metric conversion. How many feet is 0.0 meters?

8. What time is it when the big hand is on the 1 and the little hand is on the 6?

9. How many dwarfs were there in Snow White and the SEVEN Dwarfs? (approximately)

10. Spell: Car, Bus, and Bike

11. What was George Washingtons first name?

12. What language is spoken in England?

13. Would you ask Vincent VanGough to
___ (a) build a bridge
___ (b) sail the ocean
___ (c) lead an army or

14. Can you explain Issac Newton's Theory of Gravity?

15. How many beers are there in a 6 pack?

How did you do?
If you answered three or more questions correctly, you are welcome to take this spiffy prize and post it on your page!

anyway....i thought tha was amusing......hehe....bye