May 24th, 2001


how YOu doin???

yeah so yesterday was a good day...i look lik a complete slut today...i'm weaing my *new* bra! YAY...and a really sluttish tak top i took fro Miri newman-paul..hee... cause her stuff is still here... istill think ami is hot.. but OhMY! that was a mistake... its all good

so yah Daniel went away...which is sad.. but i'll deal...

i still need to find the bus number that goes in front of JDS. aka hunters lane...(uperschool not lower)..

hmm....i'm gettng thre one way or another....i'll also need a ride home.. but i'll see about that when i get there

anyway....i'll be at the synagoge at like 4 to 6:00ish.....unless i leave early to catch a bus..

whats everyone doing friday?....denny's? hehe....lets see if thy still rmember us.. hehe

*good vibes* go out to chris and Jeff..

and much thanx to erica for gettin my pictures

my tutor is coming at 3 to just pick up the work..

i'm in the urge to party.. i feel like going to aparty..who wants to party? me at home until 3:30...then cal me on my cll (301-254-5308)

thats about it..

Peace all
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so umm...yeah

i talked to kimmi this morning......she rocks! i love her....heehee.....yumm....mmmm...kimmi..hehe

she has her army testing tomarrow... GOOD LUCK!! kick some ass!


i'll be out today from 3:30 on--... so call me on the cell 301-254-5308.....umm...yeah..thats about it



Today was also a REALLY good day..

i wore a bra... ALL DAY!! i love my new bra.. yay.. plus i got many compliments today..which was nice

i got a ride to KS and i saw chris walking home...i waved but he didnt see me.. i was like "hey thats my best friend!"

then i gt to KS and the Janiter dude was missing, the new one cause felix quit..which is sad..but yeah the new guy (hugo) was missing... he's a i did work at KS.....printingeport card for 3rd grade and i did a mailing for the upcoming confirmation bother me.. THERE IS NO PENCIL SHARPENER IN THE MAIN OFFICE..YOU ALL KNOW THAT!!! you've been going there for years!anyway...that was produtive at KS... then i left

while walking to the bus stop i saw my freshman mke!! (nicole's mike)....i missed him SO Much.....i'm so glad i saw him! he'sthe coolest freshman dude! (sorry peter and andrew).. i love mike...he rocks.. aka disgruntled surfer

then i took the 59 bus to rockville station..then took the metro to White flint.. then tamar (who looked really cute) picked me up at teh metro station..i thought jeff was with her so at first i didnt recognize her..cause thedude that was in the car wasnt jeff i was like "hey thats not jeff" yeah..then we got to JDS... the upper school (dum dum dum)... i've never bee there before.. its a really BEAUTIFUL building! really nice.. they made me sign in.cause i'm not a student there....i was like that was neat....

the chiors were SO AWESOME.... Ari Cohen ROCKS MY WORLD!!! (TAKE IT OFF)..his hair is longer and not highlighted looked kind of..hmm..anyway.. yea and MELISSA ROCKS MY WORLD TO!!!! she's SO adorable..i love her to peices..her bf carl is nice too...i didnt talk to him that much.. DUDE!! Shara as there..she's so cool.. i wanna be like shara... i havent seen her in forever.. she looked SO good.. i'm like YEAH SHARA ROCKS!..and Sarah K!..SHe's so awesome..david combs ROCKS on the guitar..he's so much better than everyone i know...even Jordan and Marc...and Ari Jacobovitz(Reggie) got fat..lke he's pudgy..its cute.. but u know.. ari J.. whatever.....and ari levin loked really he got taller and his sholders was just weird...and Jason pickar!! he's SO funnY!... i love him.. he's like Sup Viva..and i'm like Sup Jason..and we were ghetto..and it was amusing.. and dont get me started on Jeff...with the shirt and the yum.. so sexy! i lve jeff....he sang SO WONDERFULLY!! aso people were like dancing in the isles for Jeff and AriCohen!..crazy sphamores and freshman.. oh and i saw miriam.. chana's sister..who kept HITTING ON ME!! the entire night.. jeez..i dont particularly like her that much..she's really annoying.... aside from like bein molested by my dirty dinker.. it was all good..that was kind of hmm.....his parents were sitting like across from us and it was like dude...ok first of all..NO>....second of all...Dinker..third of all.. boyfriend.. u know.. itsjust anoying....

ARI RABKIN--you bitch.. i thought u were doing sound! but u werent...i was really angry..u hould have been there.. i havent seen u in forever...u owe me three hugs now!...why.. because i said so..

tere was this really hot dude with blue-ih green hot.. his name was alex..he was like lookin at me.. i was like yum...

i miss daniel..i really wanted to hang with him tonight..but he was like doin somethin..then i was doin somethin and it just didnt work out an thats sad..i'm so in favor of just jumping him right now....mmmmmmm....yummy... anyway

jeff is the muffin man.....hehe.. MUFFINS!!!!!!!

then Daniel called and that rocked..then i saw a pic of Jon on the wall and that got me really mad.. ERR>....fuckin asshole..

Melissa has the most AMAZING voice ever.. seriously.. its incredable...i'm like WOW!!!1 i'm still in shock!...

damnit... yeah tomarrow i'm supposed to hang with Jeremy..he's home for a day from military school then he's off to mom also made me a nail apt for the wedding thing.. the apt is at 2pm.. then tomarrow night i cant do anything because my uncle is havign a party or somethin for the wedding..i'm not in favor of goin really...anyone wanna go with me to the paty thing tomarrow?????.....saturday is the wedding...also my cousin's bar mitzvah that i'm gonna miss...its really bad timing..anyway..

i'm happy and hot and my boobs hurt from the amount of cleavage i had today.. i was like wow....there is the eye of my boob...hehe. u know what i'm talkin about chris.. hehe

my new bra rocks!

"nothing left to seem about this time its over now the word is out, it hit the poles, playing the place the rest todays are the things with last nights shows the have you heard and the did you knows of me well i got my placewill u be still try to be denying...seems i neverget enough of meee...."seems by queen sarah saturday (its not the right lyrics, i know)....

jeff is so cute...he's worried about chris..he misses him... be will be ok!

dmnit yeah..i want some lovin'...hehe

anyway..i'd better go...before i completly sound more stupid than i already do..


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