May 27th, 2001

hand di da di da....badthings..good things...more bad things

i had this ENOURMOUS headache ALL day yeserday.. and i wasa LOT more tired than i usually am.. like all i wanted to do was sleep... but umm..yeah.. that was the bad thing...
i got there at 4.. te wdding started at 7:30...but we had to take pictures and everything, it was SO COLD outside.. me, the 2 other bridesmaids and all of the cousins were like freezing.. but yeah..we go pretty flowers to hold.. calililies to be exact,..yeah..the ceremony was really biggest proble was those FUCKIN SHOES!......i could hardley walk...they were so DAMN uncomftorble....anyway...the party was ok...i drank a little bit...but i could have if i wanted that was cool..

i was hangin out with Rui (my step-broher-in-law).. we were makin fun of random people... it was cool..he tried on my shoes... he can wear them better than i can.. i was like damn.. hehe.. i called erica's house to see whats going on with everyone...fro hat i heard.. Jordan and greg were humping eachother... gini was sittin, erica was rnning frantic and scotty was dancing...hehe.. and jeff and chris.. the end

i fell asleep in like 12 random places.. and i hooked up with the hot drumer( i dont know his was either tom or mike or somethng) from the swing band....he was like 28 (SHUT UP)....and so yeah...i told Daniel and he wasnt THAT mad...whatever..he had sex last whatever...he's like bitching at me fr making ou wth a drummer...he's really jealous.. like its not ok for me to make out with someone ( i was REALLY REALLY STRESSED), but its ok for him to have sex.. whatever......i like daniel.. i'd be sad if he doesnt talk to me anymore.. i really like him

Peter Goldman--asshole--like when i was 7- at a family picnic we had thee baseball games and i stole second base one year andhehas NEVER let it go.. like at th wedding he comes u tome and oes "hey where's second base"..i said california, bt what i really wanted to say is " UP UR ASS YOU FREAK, let it go!"...then my cousin britney who's like 7 now.. she's the most annoying demonchild in the world! at her 5th birthday party she loced me in her closet for 2 hours....she's pure evil..she was following me the whole night...which was INCREDABLY annoying....anyway.,..

me and rui have come to the conclusion that my mom has the biggest booty of the family....she was dancing and she looked like she was gonna knock someone over....we were like DAMN!.. oh and randi's dad was like pimpin it..he's like 80-something and he was dancing with like 12 women at once...he was pimpin' it.. that was funny

ihave to goto a brunch hing at Allen's from like 11am to 1pm... i'll have my cell....

then tonight is jeff's party...i told my mom i was gonna stay at erica's house.. since they dont have school tomarrow.. if i dont happen to make it for whatever reason i'll go hang out with daniel... bt i want to goto Jeff' party...i want danie to come, but #1 i dont know if jeff wnts himm tre and #2 idoubt daniel is willing to drive to bumblfuk yeah......anyone?? how am i getting there??? who wants to give me a ride?

anyway....i'll be home today except from 11-1 this morning me on the cell
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"woman, make like a housewife and get in the kitchen bitch!"--Jordan

for some reason i find that quot really really funny... dont ask

the burnch thing was cool....the only thing i could eat there was rice crispies...which i'm fine with cause RICE KRISPIES ROCK!!!!!!

i got a ride to jeff's tonight... Marc is giving me, erica and scotty a SWEET..

i miss daniel.. i really want to see him

i might hang out with Avi this week...he told me to call him on wednesday at home!! i havent seen Avi in forever! i love avi...

hey... i know people took pics of daniel at erica's after prom...wo has those..cause i dont and erica doesnt... so who has those pics? i want them

so umm....yeah.....i'llbe home until me at home..if i'm not home call me on the cell

i cant find them...i'm sad

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so yeah

ok marc is being a bitch....first he was like.."yeah u got a ride, no problem" and now he's like "thats way out of my way.. cant u find another ride" me, scotty and erica are basically screwed and its all marc's fault.. so yeah basically he's a liar... and you know how i feel about people lying.. *cough*cough*jon*cough*cough

so um....yeah... ten to one we are going to have to metro all the way to bumblefuk arlington... and then try and find the right metrobus to get to Jeff's neighborhood..then walk apparently 2 blocks or 2 miles or somethign to find his basically its a bitch


ok marc's not SO much of a bitch anymore.....apparently if Ryan cant take us, marc will but we have to pay him upfront.. so yeah...i gotta go find money..

appareny this chick named anastasia is supposed to be at Jeff's house....apparently a very hot lesbian...'ll be good... i told daniel i would be good.. so umm...yeah

myheadache went away but my stomache still hurts, but not as much..

i miss daniel....i want a hug damnit...i need some lovin..hehe..

anyway......i hope ryan comes through...i love you!!..or erica's mom.. i hope everything works out