May 28th, 2001



i've been saying that ALL night... to everyone, not just marc... speaking of that guy..he's making WAY too big of a deal of everything.. ok and i dont think erica shoud have to pay that toll...she wasnt even there...thats ur own fuckin fault for getting one said u had to.. u COULD have said dont give shit and DONT even THINK about bitching at me.. its not worth either of our times...its my opinion and if u bitch at me i'll get really REALLY mad and you dont want to see me umm....THE END

we got to jeff's house... i got hurt SO much that night.... i got atacked by a dog, beaten with a metal spoon--a big spoon, pushed off a couch onto a glass table, sat on by like 4 people.. etc..yadayadayada...

i had a great time... jeff's mom made good food.. i met a really hot chick (who i was gonna hook up with, but didnt!) and scotty went through a secret passage way! in jeff's closet......we ended up not playing 7 min in heaven.....we were too busy chillen...watchin tv... hangin out

everyone left and that was and erica spent the night with JEff!...oh baby oh baby..hehe.. we were watching oldnickolodeon shows, like "what would you do" and "legends of the hidden temple" , me, i fell asleep...then go awaken by a call from daniel (YAY) and then went back to sleep and then got awaken again by a call from ryan saying she forgot her purse, which i have at my house now.. she's gonna come get umm.....yeah.....i DIDNT break jeff's wasnt my fault..i'm so sad....i cried..i feel so bad about it!...sorry no time definatly
at some point in the morning jeff's grandpa asked me if i had any buiscutts or rolls with butter..that was kind of random..but its all good

then erica's mom came and picked us now i'm home

Today there is a party to celebrate :
my birthday
my graduation
my stepdad's birthday
allen and randi's wedding
my 'rents anniversary
and soemthing else...

its at my grandparent's house at 4pm....its in silver spring.. my friends are invited.. especially chris cause i said so.. so if u want to come, call me befe 3:30 at home or call me on my cell after 3:45-4:00-ish...its in silver spring by the new blair highschool, its at me

aparently HFStival wasfun, i didnt go but justin caled me from it right after newfound glory went on! (i love them).....mirabai said it was great too and that she saw brit ad steve...and ari cohen got his ticket from kimmi and its all good......i would love to goto HFStival....

i'm going to school tomarrow to pick up my yearbook...i'll be there for all three lunches from 10am-12:30 or even maybe the end of the all depends...u know...whatever....i got nuthin to do...

wednesday i'm all about hangin with avi

oh yeah..shavuos tov!..hehe..(me preteding to be a good jew--i'm nto as much anymore and its sad)

i talked o danny avital the other day..he's cool he'll be in isael on Young Judea Year course thing.. so we are gonna hang out one weeked in israel....i'm also gonna hang ot with maisler in israel...its gonna rock!

shara is so happy, and i'm so happy for her! makes u feel good inside to know your friends are happy..

i hope everythign works out for chris... GOOD VIBES!!!

i love you!

call me latr people...especially about today..if u wanna go to the thing
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i'm me on the cell 254-5308

later.....come over to my grandparets huse..i.n silver spring.. big prty..lotsa food.. come over



wll the highlight of my afternoon was flashing random guys in my grandparent's neighborhood...i've known them for a while...they grew up to be really hot....when i first moved to the states these are like the first people i met.. cause i used to live with my grandparents... so i've known these people forever....but i dont really talk to them that much... but yeah i flashed them.. well not really.. i showedcleavage.. a lot of cleavage.. i was really bored.. and i was on my cell with chris and they were hot.. so i was like... hmm...why not mess with them.. so i did... i made a few obscee jestures.. and it was amusing..i went ovr ad hung out with them for a while.. we talked about all the neighbors and stuff..the good ol' days.. aka when i was like 5 (OH SWEET GOOD OLD DAYS!)

the party thing was boring.. i couldnt eat any of the food.. they hd hot dogs, i despise hot dogs...they are disgusting.. they had salad...i had some salad...that was it...and Fresca..I love fresca.. no one else does except me and my grandpa.. FRESCA ROCKS! its a sibling in the ORANGINA family! rocks..anyway

the evil demon child (britney) was there....i despise her with a passion..she was like "why are u so mean" i was like " cause i dont like you!--why do u keep bothering me"..she's SO annoying i just want to bitchslap her... anyway

i got presents.. no digital video camera... i got 2 checks for 50$ from my grandparents (which my mom took outa my hands) go figure.. it goes to my israel spending fund.. i got a REALLY nice watch from fossil from mystepaunt and uncle and cousin eli (who rocks--hockey player)..i got more earings from lori and rui..i got cards, cards, cards, an amber ring and earings fom my mom...a bag from las vegas from my grandpa (who's name si carl--random coincidence)...hehe....and i got aphoto thingie and a picture frame..

my poppa (carl--thats what i call him-poppa) he gave me his old 198-something camcorder.. ts broken..i think i fixed it but i'm not sure yet.. i got to wait to try it out.. it will be fun.. heehee..its something to hold me over until i get my DVC(digital video camera)...

i dont kno how my uncle allen di i..but he managed to get his hands on Magnum icecream bars..which u can really only get in Israel...its like the best ice cream in the WORLD! YUM> good....i could lick that ice cream off of anyone!...damn.. yum..israeli ice cream..
..anyway....wait...UH!! i'm done..hehe

ok something is definatly up with my stomach, i'm having the most random pains at the most random times....its driving me absolutely insane....i need a lot of hugs.. i dont know...everythign hurts less on me when i'm getting hugs.. i dont know which one omy fiends feels like crap right now.. but ur sympathy pains are killing me.. seriously..i love you all

i'm goin to school tomarrow....its exciting, i havent been back in a 2 months... i'm going for all 3 lunches....look for me.. i love you all.....i'm so happy.....i get to have me some buff for lunch 4th period...then some biggie and crystal 5th... then some duby (SO CUTE I LOVE DUBY) nd sexy jaime paige in 6th...i loe my freshman and sophs and my junirs...i love me my freshman hotties (mirabai-nicole-daria-julia) (YUM) me toniht at home

call me f anyone wants to do somethin this week... i'm bored..

friday is churchill's prom... apparently i'm goin to post prom too with mike..that ends at like 5:30am....ahh....mike asked me if i wanted to crash at his place till noon...i dont know....hmm.....what should i do.. its crazy

mirabai loves me
buff loves me too

i feel special

hehe miribai is going to sleep with me sometime this week..sweet..i'll be at mirabia's either wdnesay night or thursday night..maybe both...hehe....shes so hot.. i love mirabai..gotta be one of my favorite freshman

anyway...i'm me at home tonight

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those crazy rabid cows...
sexy pototoes
jeff has PMS
jeff needs a line of penut butter running through his veins
bi now-gay later (funny phrase)

usy event

apparently Hallie (who rocks--she's so cute)is coodinting this casino night (against USY rules) on june 19th from 8:30-11:30pm at polly esthers in rockville (where studebakers used to be)....its 10$ at the is a convo about it

cUrLEySuZziE69 (11:44:48 PM): its the 19th 830 -11-30 at polly esthers in rockville
DivaVivaLF (11:44:52 PM): awesome
cUrLEySuZziE69 (11:45:01 PM): u know where studabakers used to be
cUrLEySuZziE69 (11:45:07 PM): 10$ at the door
DivaVivaLF (11:45:28 PM): sweet...thanx babe umm yeah.....USY ROCKS!! hehe..i think there is a chapter event that night too...but im not sure....whatever....its all good...