May 29th, 2001



i got my yearbook today...i'm not in it..well i'min the senior picture (full senior class) which has like over 200 people in it.. or something like that.. and so yeah.. but i'm not in it ut its ok, i dont mind...goodlooking people... very hot..some of them are YUM even...hehe

i saw my freshman today!! i love them.. mirabai wasnt there today and neither was kimi and i was sad! i miss mirabai so much..but i'm gonna go sleep with her either wednesday or thursday night.. cause this weekend she's goin to NY

so i got to school around 9:50 (first lunch starts at 10).. i went to the place to get our yarbooks, i saw people! i was like YAY...i saw Peaches..i havent seen her in forever...her sandal ws duct taped! PEACHES W. ROCKS!.. i saw people in the hallways...i waited for like 10-20 min to get my freekin yearbook....mad annoying.. but its all good.. then i went to the corner where everyone usually is..but they werent there..they were outside.. which is awesome.. Marc like attaced hmself to me for like 10 min.. mad hugs.. i love hugs, especially from marc.. my baby, child, little lesbian love child!, i love that kid!.. anyway...i gave everyone hugs.. mike(freshman) grabbed my ass...AGAIN!!!...peter is a dork.. CURTIS!!!! he signed my yearbook..i love curtis, he and steve are the coolest security dudes in the world...AC didnt get to sign it...she will though...i didnt see zach or mirai or kimi or julia(sexy freshman) and other people and i was sad..but i saw my buff, buff is the only person who wrote obscene things in my yearbook..last year SO many people wrote obscene things, now everyone is writing mushy crap.. mush sux!..anyway..i went to the band room where ryan,erica,ashley,jimmy,chri G and jordan were...and doch and fedeli for a while, i signed doch's and fedeli's but then fedeli got mad at me cause i called him an asshole..but i love him and so its ok.. its all about the love..ryan didnt take up a ful page this time like the past ?? years,i think its case she wrote smaller and the fuckin yearbook eople didt put in any extrapaper for people to sign on..but wahtever..erica spelled potatoe wrong ( i know i spelled it wrong too, but thats just the way i spell it!)..that was 4th lunch...

in 5th lunch....i saw ms ogaz.. who i love to peices.. apparently leah isnt suing her.. and it was just a rumor.. i talked to psycobitch,me and her are on good terms even though i despise her.. fuckin jews for jesus.... YOU'RE NOT JEWISH!..sorry.. pisses me off...ANYWAY..5th lunch.. i saw chrs and Billie Joe, i love billie joe, he ROCKS!!.. damnit carl!...i saw carl (joyce) he's so cute.. i love him, i gave him a big hug!..i saw biggie too, he got all mushy in my yearbook.. BIGGIE of all people.. dude brett got his haircut --thank g-d-- the whole misshapen uneven bowl thing at prom really didnt work!....i gave brett a ride home today.. we was chillen yo...ok back to 5th..i didnt see crystal..i saw daddy (who looked hot) and blaine who signed my yearbook too...and kellie and scotty..that was 5th

6th..umm yeah..i got to make out with Audrey! in front of people..that was AWESOME!! Audrey kissed me, heehee, more than once, heehee, for an extended period of time...apparently me and audrey are married now..even though she's straight...but she's hot and she knows i want her..audrey is hot!.. i saw doch and bart (so cute).....and my sexy bitch buddy jaime paige.. she rocks..YUM!! yeah..its all good... i saw fedeli again..and jenny.. and ithink thats it...then i went back to ms ogaz's room,..ung out for a little while....then i went outside and hung with brett..then we started walking home..and then i gt tired so i called my mom to come pick us up.. its all good

so yeah..thats my day so far

i'm all about calling avi tomarrow....i really hope we can hang this week..

i've made the personal desicion to have aparty..i want it to be soon before i leave, but after junior exams, so no pressure...first party of house....bring ur yearbooks we can all sgn them there......everyone's invited..hehe....sweet....hehe.....umm.yeah..

i think thats it..churchill's prom is friday night....whates everyone doing saturday night....we all should do something

hats all for me

stomach pains are still there......random random random
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i did really bad on my SATs...granted i was really sick and like about to pas out and i didnt study that much...SATs came at a really bad time.. i got likr 470 verbal and like 490 on the math.....i doesnt matter, i'm gonna retake them when i want to transfer to another school.. so its like whatever

just so everyone knows

ok regards to the whole daniel thing.. he is an incredably sweet guy..especally to me.. he's funny and kind and really hot umm yeah...u need not to worry about me.. i can take care of myself..just to let u all know....

i love my friends!


th yearbook covers suck..what do we do??? DUCT TAPE!!! WHAHOO!!!

so yeah

today was a good day..went to the mall with erica this afternoon..that was amusing... apparently james (psycotic leech aka lfboy akak majikal fruit fly) works at pretzel time now...whatever it all good... i saw Jayson at suncoast, he's like never there anymore... apparently mike only has him working 3 days now.. whatever me and erica were on the bus to the mall and this old hispanic lady started yelling really loud in spanish at this kid.. who i think was crying or something.. i dont know me and erica were in the back cause there werent any seats in was just kinda funny....when we got there, we went to the food court to get drinks.. and look through my yearbook.. Will the phone guy (who rocks! he's the coolest person in the world!) he quit, which is sad.. cause now i wont see him as much..i love that guy!...there was an incredably gorgeous gay man wih blonde (bleeched) haird in an all light blue outfit..he was so bautiful i just wanted to hug him, even though i didnt know him..

i asked jeeves about the random pains in my stomach.. he suggested information on kidney stones and stuff.....i was like WHOA..i dont think so.. i'm kinda worried now...the pans havent gone away in lke 3 to 4 days..maybe i should go see my doctor again....i dont know..i'm scared..ahhhh

hmm... i'm tired....damnit i want shavuot to be over already so i can call avi!!!

my mom is going to canada tomarrow until tuesday..but my stepdad will be home....but he doesnt get home until like its all good.. people come hang with me

anyway.....i need more hugs.. i feel like i'm i denial

i'v been taking WAY too many apparent reason.. today i took 3.. its so strange...i guess its because showers make me feel better.. or i dont know.i might feel the need to be clean.....i dont get it..i'm confused

OH...Ari (r) has founded a newthing a BAANC is the site

donate to this cause.. for the sheer fact he can drive us places..hehe.. i love ari, he's a sweetie...good things should last longer!.....anyway

i guess thats me, i'm home

ps: DAMNIT CARL!!!!!!
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wordsof advice:

if you are falling off a chair...keep falling.. and then get up.. cause u will hurt urself..the end

"what happend to ursela, she had a face lift? oh thats rght, the fat bitch blew up int he first movie"--jeremy on little mermaid 2